Features of Mobile Phone Plans You Need To Know Before Choosing One


With many smartphone plans and carriers in the market, it can be overwhelming, especially if you want to select the most suitable one for you. Are you looking for an inexpensive plan that works for everything you need or loaded with “unlimited” features? Are you searching for Mobile Phone Plans with cheap packages for international calls or something that will provide a huge cellular data allowance? What is more essential to you, the coverage or the price? These questions are the usual issues of every individual who is about to sign up for a mobile phone plan.

Inclusive Of The Plan

The appropriate plan for you will heavily rely on your situation and how you use your gadget. It is imperative to go over the critical information summary of the package. The summaries will tell you what’s included in your plan, such as the SMS and data allowance, calls, termination charges, and the contract’s duration.

SMS Allowance

The majority of Mobile Phone Plans provide unlimited SMS and calls allowance in their contract, regardless of the type of plan. Some of the prepaid packages have a certain quantity of calls and SMS, like you can enjoy $200 worth of voice calls and text messages in one month.

On the other hand, prepaid plans also have pay-as-you-go features whereby every text message or voice call you make will immediately be deducted from the available credit you have. Users should always go through their critical information summary to determine the exact rate for every SMS and call to monitor the charges. Remember, every cell provider has various rates.

Data Allowance

Usually, the data cellular consumption is measured in GB or gigabytes. Every smartphone plan offers various cellular allowance, and it is a must to compare every plan and see which package has the most reasonable data inclusion. For heavy internet users, they would need to pick the plan with the highest GB, so they don’t have to pay more if they go beyond the allowed data usage.

There are phone plans with a scheduled top-up arrangement once the data has already surpassed its monthly allowance. This can be expensive for the user, say they pay $10 for every extra 1GB of data. One can quickly miss the additional data allowance, especially if they like to browse the internet using their phones.

Moreover, there are smartphone plans that don’t have the auto top-up feature but control the user’s download speed once they have reached a certain amount of data usage within the billing duration.

Handset Inclusion

For postpaid plans, the user can have the choice to lease or buy the smartphone. The price of leasing or buying the device will be incorporated into the monthly bill. When you lease a phone, this means you can return it or purchase the gadget as soon as the contract ends. Usually, this way is a lot cheaper in the postpaid plan compared to purchasing it. You can also upgrade the mobile phone one year after the contract. But when you upgrade, you will have to give back the current device in proper working condition and pay a one-time amount. You can always talk to the staff from the service provider about which option suits you.

When you prefer to buy the smartphone, the price is spread throughout your contract, and the monthly instalments will be included in your bill. But if you already have a device, you can always apply for the plan that offers a SIM-only feature. This option can either be one year or an every-month contract.