Are you using your iPhone to its full potential? Do you know the tips and tricks to make your apple experience all the better?

With over 1.5 billion iPhones sold since 2007 and over 217.72 million models shipped worldwide in the year 2018 alone, you can understand how many people buy the iPhone each year.

Sadly, among all these people, only a few iPhone users know how to completely use their iPhones which can range from a more intuitive interface to simpler controls. So to help you learn the quirks and tricks of your device and give you access to these features we have made a list of some of the most common tricks:

  1. A substitute home button:

With the home button gone in every model since the iPhone 8, there is only one replacement that comes close to replacing the functionality of the home button.

By going to Settings – Accessibility – Touch and turn on Assistive Touch. This makes a little circle appear on your screen that brings up a customizable shortcut menu when touched. You can set all sorts of different functions such as taking a screenshot which can be activated by taps, swipes, and gestures of your choosing.

Although not a replacement for the home button, it can be used as a substitute.

  1. Switching to dark mode:

If you aren’t comfortable with the default bright interface on a phone or if you simply want a change in the UI, switching to dark mode might be the right idea.

Dark mode simply flips the bright white backgrounds of your iPhone into a darker shade that is more comfortable on your eyes especially at night. It’s easier on your eyes during the evening, but you might just keep it on all day because you think it looks cool. I certainly do.

To activate Dark Mode just head to Settings, then Display and Brightness and you’ll find the Dark Mode setting there.

  1. Using the keyboard as a trackpad:

When you type out a sentence on a phone and make a typo, the hardest thing to do is to backtrack your pointer to the place where the typo occurred. However, the iPhone has a little trick up its sleeve to make this a lot easier.

By holding down the spacebar, the letters will grey out and you will be able to use your keyboard as a trackpad to position the pointer to the right place to make the corrections.

  1. Calculator features:

The iPhone calculator has a special scientific mode. To access this, simply open the calculator app and turn your phone to landscape mode and all the new options will be revealed! Just make sure your screen orientation isn’t locked.

If opening up the calculator is too much of a task, then, by swiping right on your home screen and popping your sum into the search bar you can get an answer almost instantly.

  1. Clearing up space:

Getting the popup stating that your storage is almost full is quite a bother. However, you can solve this by going into Settings, then iTunes & App Store and switch on Offload Unused Apps, you’ll be able to get rid of all the apps you haven’t used in a while.

This takes the pressure of manually deleting each and every unused application on your own wasting time and money.

  1. Offline maps:

When away on holiday or traveling, your data allowances might be more expensive. However, you will still need help getting around, here Google Maps won’t just be an invaluable mobile companion but also essential in your journey. So how do you use maps offline?

By going into Google Maps before you leave or when you have Wi-Fi available, tap on your chosen location then select the menu icon in the top left corner and you’ll see a ‘Download offline map’ option.

From the time you buy your device, be it from an online mobile store or from a retail store near you, you take good care of your device. So if you want to utilize your phone to its maximum capacity, remember to follow these tips closely. Have fun trying out these tricks and keep your device working at its best potential always.