How to Hide Snapchat Score

Can you Hide your Snapchat score

The bad news for you is that you can’t hide your Snapchat score. You will also find a lot of videos on many social media to hide your score but nothing will happen.

The only way you can hide your Snapchat score is to remove it from the friends you don’t want to show the score to. You will also need to make your account private after removal. Here’s how they do it.

Hide your Snapchat Score

There are many benefits to hide your Snapchat score. This will prevent your story from being seen by strangers and your Snapchat score will be hidden.

What is Snapchat Charm?

  • Open the Snapchat app and log in to your account.
  • Next, you have to click on your profile and you will find it in the upper left corner.
  • Then your profile will open in front of you. At the top right hand, you will find a gear button. Click on it.

    the top right hand you will find a gear button
    How to Hide Snapchat Score?
  • Scroll down a bit and you will find who can section. In who can section you will find the Contact me option click on it.

    Click on contact me
    How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • Here you may have selected Every One but you have to select friends because you should see your profile and snap chat score only your friends that is why you have to select friends. This will make your Snapchat score invisible to anyone.
Score visible to every one, How To Hide Snapchat Score
How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • Now you have to go back to your settings menu again. You will find the button above on the left hand. Click on it.
  • You then have to scroll down to the “who can” section and click on view my Story.
  • Here you have to check whether you have selected the option of your friends or not.If not then select the option of friends because strangers can’t see your Snapchat story.

    Custom snapchat story
    How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • All you have to do is go back to the menu settings, scroll down there and then go to the “who can” section, and then you have to click on the Quick Add option. Select the same option as the picture above.

    who can see my Snapchat Score
    How To Hide Snapchat Score
  •  Go back to the last time. You will find the location option in the menu settings. You have to open it and give it to the people as shown in the picture below.

    How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • After following all these steps, you have Successfully Hide your Snapchat Score. You don’t have to worry about anything. Your score will not be visible to anyone except your friends.

Snapchat Timmer Auto Delete Message

Snapchat Score Feature

Snapchat has a lot of features but its Snapchat score feature is a great feature that attracts people. And people want this snap chat score to be as high as possible on my snap chat.

People use Snapchat a lot to increase their Snapchat score. The company benefits greatly. That’s why Snapchat’s company launched the Snapchat Score feature, a feature not found on any other social media.

Some people want to show people the Snap Chat score. But some people want to increase this score but at the same time they also want that they do not want to show this score to anyone. That is why I will tell you in this article how to hide snapchat score from friends.

Are there benefits to having a high SnapChat score? If so, what are they?

Many people search Benefits of Snapchat score? If he is seen as a businessman, it is of no use because if we increase the followers on Facebook, we can make money by advertising someone on it. But we can’t do anything like that by increasing the SnapChat score.

Benefits of Snapchat Score

Many accounts are the same when viewed on social media but when we talk to someone we find it hard to believe that this account is real or fake. If your SnapChat score is high, anyone who comes to your profile will be convinced that it is a real ID.

  • As your SnapChat score increases, so does your company. Whenever your account is suspended, your account will be opened shortly when you mail to the company. That’s why the company trusts you because your score is high.
  • SnapChat gives you score targets. If you complete those targets, you’ll be rewarded with trophies.
  • Nowadays, the younger generation prefers those who are more active on social media, so in order to humiliate each other, they increase the score of snap chat so that they can humiliate their friends.

How do I see my Snapchat score?

When you create a new account on SnapChat, your SnapChat score is zero, so it’s very easy to check. Follow the steps below.

  • Open your SnapChat app and log in to your account there.
  • When the SnapChat camera opens in front of you, there is a profile icon on the top side of your left hand and there may be a picture of you. There you have to click. You are explained in the form of Arrow in the picture below.

    How do i see my snapchat score
    How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • After that you will come across a lot of options like Add Friends through which you can add friends in your Snap chat. Second is My Friends, which allows you to see your friends who are added to your account.
  • But if you look at the top, your snap chat score will be written right next to your username, from there you can see. You are also explained in the picture below.
How to see your own snapchat score
How To Hide Snapchat Score
  • And if you click on this score, you will see the score in full detail, how much score you got by sending a snap and how much score you got by receiving a snap. We also call it Sending Snap Score and Receiving Snap Score.

How to check someone’s Snapchat score without adding them

Sometimes there is a time when we do not want to add anyone but we want to see his snap chat score. This is not possible at all. You won’t find a feature in Snapchat that allows you to view someone’s score without adding it.

The only way to do this is to create a fake Snapchat account to which you can add it. This way you can see your friends or anyone who wants to see your Snapchat score.

What is a Snapchat score?

To make his point Snapchat at the top left of the tab Snapchat Profile/bit monitor picture, press the Snapshot to view the code screen.

You’ll see a small number next to your username under the snap code. This is your Snapchat score.

Want to see how many snaps you have sent and how many have been received after creating your account? When you tap on the Snapchat score, two numbers will replace your username and your current score. The number on the left indicates the number of snaps sent and the number on the right indicates the number of snaps received. Adding these two numbers will not equal your current score, so you get an extra score if your snap activity increases.

How does your Snapchat score go up?

Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t provide much information on why you should try to increase your score. However, one thing Snapchat mentioned is how it can help you get more trophies.

Trophies are awarded to users based on how much they navigate and use the app. If your Snapchat score reaches a high enough score, it may be enough to win new trophies. You can access the trophy case by tapping the small trophy icon that appears at the top of the snap code tab.

Those with higher scores may also have access to other Snapchat features like premium lenses and other newly added ones, but again Snapchat is currently darkening us for this stuff. Assume a lot about it.

Is it important to increase your Snapchat score?

In addition to trophies, Snapchat did not provide any official information on what could give users higher scores. So, it doesn’t matter if you increase your Snapchat score to avoid opening more trophies. However, considering that Snapchat is evolving rapidly and always launching new features, it can change very well in the near future.

How to check a friend’s Snapchat score

Since the Score feature on Snapchat, many people have started checking each other’s profiles. They only try to get my score higher than their friend’s, then they will talk about how they see their friend’s snap chat score.

Before Snapchat released a few other app updates, I was able to check my Snapchat score by tapping on a friend’s username. This is no longer possible in the current version of the app, but there are a few stealthy ways to check your friends’ scores.

These two techniques only apply to users who have added them as friends and added them back. Sorry, but you can only see the scores of Snapchat users!

  • The first step is to open the SnapChat app and log in with your ID.
  • Snap chat camera will open in front of you, if you have to swipe right to left, your chat will open.
  • Then you have to click on the profile of the friend you want to see the snap chat score of the friend.

    want to see the snap chat score of the friend
    How to hide you snapchat score
  • After that when the inbox will open in front of you and here you will get the call option, you will get the message option and you will also get the option to send the picture. But you will get an option to click on his profile there as shown in the picture below.

    How to check friend’s snapchat score
    How to check friend’s snapchat score
  • After that the snap score of this ID will be written along with the username of the profile.
snap score of this ID will be written along with the username of the profile
How to check friend’s snapchat score

Can your Snapchat score go up without snap chatting

Using Snapchat does not increase Snapchat score. You have to use Snapchat continuously. Think to yourself that if this score increases automatically then what benefit does Snapchat get to launch this featureThe company launched this feature so that people can use it more in the lure of scores.

In conversation

In the current conversation tab, swipe right on your friend to open the conversation. Then tap your profile/beat motion picture in the top left corner. Your friend’s Snapchat score will be displayed just below your name.

In search

Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the tab and enter your friend’s name or username. Snapchat automatically finds your friends list and displays your Snapchat score under your name.

How to increase your Snapchat score

Snapchat maintains the importance of your score at low scores, but you can keep using Snapchat and work on increasing your score for fun. Just do something like this:

  • Share your username by sending a link to a new contact so we can get more information
  • Scan Snapcode to add more friends to Snapchat
  • Keep Snapchat stripes
  • Play Snappables with your friends

What is snapcode?

When you sign up, Snapchat offers you a unique QR code. If you want to meet fellow Snapchat users and want to be friends with each other, simply take someone else’s code and it will automatically be added to your friend list. It’s easy to find friends on Snapchat (depending on your settings) or redemption codes, so your teen can be a virtual stranger to your friend list. It can be dangerous for a number of reasons, so it’s best to talk to your child when it’s safe to add youth.


A story is a moment in which a story is created by collecting it in the form of pictures and videos. (After Snapchat popularized the format, other social media services, including Facebook and Instagram, also provided story-writing tools.) On Snapchat, stories appear as circles, and when tapped, the story autoplays the pictures or videos you have collected. You can create a personal story that your friends can see for 24 hours. Or, if you think your snap is particularly interesting or newsworthy, you can send it to your story. Our story is like a mini-documentary of an event, a holiday, a game win, or something else happening in the world on a particular day. Snaps are curated and edited by the company. Adding a story to a story is cool, but it’s very public, so kids should think carefully before submitting it.

Can you hide your Snapchat score?

Unfortunately, as of 2020, there is still no way to hide your Snapchat score from your friends. You can hide your stories and your map location. You can even create private stories. However, the only way to stop someone from being able to view your score is to remove them as a friend.

Why do people want to hide their Snapchat score?

The problem with this score is that it gives other users an insight into your Snapchat activity. For instance, when you send a snap to someone, your score will go up:

Why do people want to hide their Snapchat score?

In the screenshot above, you can see that my score is 23,256. If were to send a snap, my score would go up by one. Furthermore, if I were to open a snap, my score would also go up by one.

Why this is a problem with hiding a Snapchat score?

For most people, this isn’t a problem. However, there can be situations where it can become one:

  1. You’re curving someone and ignoring their snaps. For example: Not so long ago, I saw a TikTok video from a girl who was bemoaning the fact that her crush was not texting her back, despite the fact that his score was constantly going up. Obviously, she was paying close attention to this number while her message was left on delivery.
  2. Your girlfriend or boyfriend is extremely insecure and overprotective, to the point that they constantly look at this score to determine whether you’re Snapchatting other people. If you think I’m being ridiculous or over-exaggerating, then you’re in for a surprise. I have seen several girls admit the fact that they keep track of their boyfriend’s score by writing it down at regular intervals.

An of course, there’s a third reason. Your significant other is extremely overbearing and needy when it comes to texting, to the point that you just need a bit of a breather. However, that “time-out” is quickly scuppered when they figure out that your score went up by one because you opened a snap from a work colleague. Now you’re in trouble:

When he hasn’t text you back all day but his Snapchat score went up by 2.
When he hasn’t text you back all day but his Snapchat score went up by 2.

In conclusion: There is no way to hide this score. Unfortunately, the only solution is not an ideal one. You could remove everyone as a friend and then change your settings to allow anyone to send you snaps. However, they will quickly catch onto this. Why? Because there are obvious signs when someone deletes you off Snapchat.