How to Set Snapchat Timer for Auto Message Delete

User can set the desired time within 10 seconds You can send files such as text or pictures Mobile messenger that can make it disappear. Sending a message to the other party, such as 5 seconds or 10 seconds If you set the time, the other person checks it The message is automatically deleted.

1.Because files are automatically deleted

 It is called a’s a self-destructing app’.

2. Snapchat’s mascot focuses on ghosts‘ ‘Ghostface Killah’ It comes from the hip-hop group name. Snapchat is

It is very popular among American teenagers and 20s, This is what your kids do online It is closely related to the flow to escape from the spying parents. At the Harvard University Buckman Institute Sandra Cortese, researching the youth and media “Youths are on social media like Facebook I feel complicated about making friends with my parents. Some like it, but inevitably make friends, Some people hide their accounts from their parents.” The Pew Research Center, which studies American life

3. According to the 2012 survey, 42% of parents with children using the Internet I searched the children’s names on the Internet, Send a message directly to your child’s social media account About half of the parents said they had ever commented. Based on’immediacy’, Some people say that the taste of teens and their twenties is a popular factor of Snapchat.

4. SNS such as Facebook or Instagram unless you remove your account Because the record remains forever, I think carefully and write or write File, but the file is deleted after a certain period of time With Snapchat,   this burden is less so It has the advantage of being able to cast everyday life. In this regard,“If you look at the reasons for using Snapchat, there seems to be a mix of two needs.

On the one hand, I want to share this moment with someone, On the other hand, I don’t want to record that moment forever.”Said this. “It’s a moment I want to share with a small number of people I don’t want to hear it again after a while A lot of people may witness, but only show one day today If you remember moments that are irrelevant even if you forget it tomorrow Understand the Millennials’ response.

5. I enjoyed the moment and snapped it The next day or a few months later This will save you the trouble of taking the time to erase it later. Therefore, Snapchat is not intended to be a record This app is for sharing this moment as it is, I can flow that moment cool It can be said to be an app that reflects the current teens and twenties. It is a mobile application that can send pictures and videos. In 2011, Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy I started by suggesting it as an assignment in Stanford vs. Class. When the other party confirms the sent message, It became famous because of being deleted, It was popular among the younger generation.


One of the applications that can send and receive pictures and video messages. In 2011, she was with Evan Spiegel, a student at Stanford University. Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown Send a picture or video as a message, The message sent is deleted after a certain period of time. It started by proposing it as a project in an industrial design class. The first model completed in July as an app for Apple It was developed under the name’Picaboo’, Two months later, it was renamed Snapchat and released again.


Snapchat has more than 100 million images per day in a year The number of users increased rapidly, such as being shared. When the app for Android was released in October 2012, Users started to grow faster.

In December 2012, I took a video of about 10 seconds The ability to send has been added, In 2013, we could wire it in an electrical form The’My story’ feature was added. As the company’s value increased, in February 2013, Reggie Brown To Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy Sued for recognition of his stake. Snapchat’s contributions to Reggie Brown have been He acknowledged that he had agreed and agreed on an undisclosed amount. Spiegel decided that it was time for a professional manager At the end of 2013, he worked as an executive on Google, Instagram and Facebook. Emily White was recruited as Chief Operating Officer.


The biggest feature of Snapchat is that the person sending the message The time that you can see after receiving the other party’s message This is a function that can be limited to 1 to 10 seconds  . Unconfirmed messages are deleted within 24 hours. When the other person captures the image, As the alarm goes off, Snapchat users can You can share it as confidentially as possible. This simple, image-centric feature It was popular among teenagers in the United States. In March 2015, a US Internet research institute Comscore is for users aged 18 to under 35 It is said to be 71% of all users of Snapchat.


In 2014, users can take photos of concerts and events Make the uploaded video a story and go live ‘Live story’ feature that can be delivered has been added, In 2015, ESPN, CNN, National Geographic, and Yahoo News To communicate with the media and deliver news Launched the’Discover’ service.

These two services are included in Snapchat to It started to be used as a platform. Revenue model called’Sponsored Lens’ The ad format was released, allowing advertisers to advertise through Selfie.


In 2013, Facebook will acquire Snapchat for $3 billion.  The proposal was rejected. At that time, American investors

Snapchat’s corporate value was estimated at 10 billion dollars,  In 2015, it was estimated to be over 15 billion dollars.

 However, there are also concerns about Snapchat.  It can be used as a’sexting’ channel for teenagers,  Because of the excessive trust in the security of the message, the  image The point is that it can cause explosive problems.

In fact, by users who used other apps in 2013  Some 200,000 images were leaked