Today, we experience a rapid increase in remote work globally, and many companies plan to move to a fully remote schedule. On the one hand, it’s very comfortable, cost- and time-effective, but there are some disadvantages to working from home. Once getting a remote job, you feel the freedom of time management and actions. There is no need to have half an hour lunch and sit at the computer for the whole day. You can now take breaks any time you want, walk, exercise, and have more time as you do not commute to work.

However, very soon, remote jobs turn into punishment, and workers start to lose interest and energy. Loneliness and isolation cause low productivity or even depression. Despite online meetings, there’s a lack of face-to-face connection and, therefore, decreased collaboration. Many rely on productivity apps, but there are many other ways to stay productive and enjoy distance work.

Let’s move to the list of the most effective productivity tips that can provide you with a better work-life balance!

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#1 Wake Up Early

It’s essential to start your morning properly to stay in a good mood during the whole working day. Wake up early to have time for the morning routine and start working at a set time. Remember that scrolling social media or watching videos is not a good idea for starting your day or the break. Our productivity is at its peak in the morning, and it decreases till the end of the day. So early wake up can provide you with more time for setting up for work and limit the number of distractions. You can find time for a run, yoga, or meditation, anything that gives you an influx of energy. Moreover, a cup of coffee made before sitting down for work cheers and clears your mind.

#2 Develop Productive Habits

Productivity is fueled by schedules and regular actions, increasing your motivation for further achievements. Make a habit of planning your day in the morning to have time for all you need. Consider that it’s better to put more difficult tasks at the beginning as our productivity and attention are higher in the morning. You can also jog every morning, and this habit will contribute to good health and energy boost. Furthermore, checking your emails before doing your main job can result in fewer distractions and better productivity.

#3 Organize Your Workplace

At first glance, home office ideas seem unreal, but you can try to make the setting more formal and organized. Firstly, your workplace should be clean and do not have any distractions. Take away all the unnecessary things, and it will contribute to clearing your mind too. If you do not know if it’s possible to make a home office, we suggest you read this article and learn how to organize an office at home.

#4 Get Dressed Properly

Your clothes influence mood and physiological state, so working in a pajama will not benefit high productivity. A formal outfit makes you more tuned to work, as you can imagine being in the office. Moreover, it decreases the chances of awkward situations when the boss unexpectedly asks to join the online meeting with your cameras on. Generally speaking, your attire affects your attitude towards work. Proper clothes signal to your brain that now is the time to switch to working mode.

#5 Limit Distractions

The main distraction nowadays is our smartphone, so it’d be perfect to leave it in another room or switch off not to check the notifications every ten minutes. Of course, some people use phones for work and get work messages. In this case, you need to mute notifications from social media and check your phone no more than once an hour. Warn your family they do not bother or interrupt you during the working day until you have a break and contact them.

#6 Take Breaks

It is important to find time for rest during the working day to avoid stress. Take regular breaks at a set time to stay productive and less distracted. For example, you can do exercises and use a webcam recorder to film them and repeat them any time you want. Thus, it’ll make you more disciplined and help you stay fit. During the break, you can also communicate with your colleagues as you used to do in the office. Chatting via group calls can greatly contribute to your well-being and productivity.

#7 Try Productivity Apps

Today, there are many tools to track your actions to save time and keep productivity. These apps and extensions are quite versatile, and you can use several for work. For instance, ambient sounds can help you prevent burnout, and Noisil is an excellent solution for that. And contains tracks for productivity. The StayFocused browser extension blocks social media notifications on your computer to prevent distractions. Many apps deal with time management and improve workers’ organization, habits, and productivity. Serene, Todoist, and Wunderlist have many advanced features for task management.

#8 Test Productivity Methods

With a lot of productivity techniques, you can lose a lot of time trying all of them. We picked up the most effective methods for productivity increase. Pomodoro principle is the most popular method to balance working and breaks time. You work for 25 minutes and have 5 minutes for rest. The Eisenhower Matrix principle allows you to prioritize the tasks and categorize them into three groups: A (important and urgent), B (important but not urgent), C (not important but urgent), and D (neither important nor urgent).

Wrapping Up

Now you can see that today remote work is a common thing, but many find it challenging to stay productive in an informal setting. We hope that these tips will help you carefully plan the day and find a perfect life-work balance. There are many methods and software that enable workers to do more in less time, so feel free to test them and find what works the best for you.