It is unbelievable how many ways of making coffee we can master at home these days! Even ten years ago, there was no such variety. However, today, we have a whole lot of options to choose from. In fact, there are so many options that it can even be confusing at times. It’s barely possible to try them all to know which one is the best for you. What’s more, most of the modern methods of making coffee require special equipment, and it’s not that cheap. So before you make your mind on what method you prefer, it’s better to learn more about your options. Thus, you won’t be wondering what are the benefits of pour over vs drip all the time. Besides, you need to know which method is more pleasant for you.

It is no surprise that more than half of the world’s population loves coffee and are addicted to the same. Coffee lovers understand the satisfaction after the sip of a perfectly brewed coffee. There’s nothing better than the soothing taste of coffee. All coffee lovers know perfectly well that a good cup of coffee is an art form. It can require so much precision, knowledge, and dedication! However, despite all the difficulties, you should enjoy the process of making your coffee at home. This is why we have prepared a guide on the most interesting and convenient way of making your coffee at home. Enjoy!

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Espresso machine

Of course, where can we start if not with this classical method? Espresso machines may not be the newest way to make coffee, but it is certainly the most common way. Why not? It is simple, fast, and efficient. You don’t need to put too much work into making your morning espresso. All you need is finely ground coffee beans, maybe a jag for milk, and the espresso machine. It is a perfect choice for all espresso lovers, as nothing will give a caffeine shot as good as the espresso machine. However, it’s also perfect for making cappuccino or latte. The cons of this method, though, are in their high prices and large sizes.

Moka Pot

Those who prefer having a smaller brewer at home can rely on Moka pot. They are easy, portable, and fast. All you need here is roughly ground coffee beans and the brewer itself. That’s it. You pour some water in the lower part of the pot, then you put coffee in the filter, and then close the whole thing with the top chamber. That’s it. After 5-7 minutes on medium fire, you are ready to go. You’ll know it by having the top chamber full of coffee (pure magic!) and by the delicious smell of hot coffee. It reminds me of an espresso shot, strong and bold. However, a Moka pot may not be a perfect choice if you like your coffee to have more delicate and nuanced flavors.

French Press

If a Moka pot seems too complicated for you, we have another solution. The French press has been around for decades, we know. Still, it doesn’t mean a good french press doesn’t deserve its place on our list. This method of making coffee is, perhaps, the simplest as it requires minimum effort or time on your behalf. However, it will require at least 10 minutes to brew your coffee. You’ll need a timer to stop the brewer at the right moment. The French press is also perfect when you have more than one or two people who need coffee. It will provide you with enough caffeine and a rich flavor. Be sure to follow the instructions and don’t grind your beans too fine. Otherwise, they will mess with the filter.

Chemex Brewer

A Chemex brewer is a relatively new method of making coffee at home. It is one of the most common dripping methods. Such a method is for true coffee lovers who are ready to spend their time making a perfect cup of coffee with this weird looking tool. So, a Chemex brewer basically looks like a glass vase, which gets very narrow in the middle and goes wider at both ends. To make coffee, you will also need a special Chemex filter and a gooseneck kettle (yes, the form of the kettle’s nose is important).

First, start by folding your filter in the brewer and pour a bit of water over it. This is made for getting rid of any particles on filters and for avoiding any paper taste. Next, pour that water out and add mildly ground coffee in the filter. Now is the fun part. Start pouring water over your coffee. Start from the center and make your way to the sides while pouring water in circles. Stop when you reach the end of the brewer and wait for the water to drip. The number of times you keep doing it depends on the amount of coffee you want to receive. It is an interesting experience and a long process. However, the richness of flavor and the beautiful color of your coffee will be worth it.

The bottom line 

As you can see, there are plenty of coffee-making methods out there. Some require effort and time. Some rely on heavy machinery. Any budget coffee makers review can tell you which method is more suitable for your perfect cup of coffee. However, in the end, it all leads to your choice of high-quality coffee beans and the desire to spend a few extra moments in the kitchen while turning your regular cup of coffee into art. Good luck!