Tarot psychics can help you in many different areas: career, spirituality and even love. How is this possible? Tarot cards are incredibly versatile, as they can provide broad answers about the big picture as well as detailed answers to specific questions. When it comes to love, the tarot can help you find a partner, learn about the future with this person and determine how compatible your personalities are.

How To Use Love Tarot Spreads

There is a wide range of tarot spreads and even more variations. In each spread, cards are placed in specific positions, which determine the cards’ roles. Understanding these roles is essential since they affect the interpretation of individual cards as well as the reading as a whole.

The most accurate psychics know that you have to pair the proper spread with your question, or the answer will be muddled. So, which spread should you use? Here are three arrangements for the most commonly asked questions about love.

1. Compatibility Spread

The compatibility spread helps you determine what your and your partner’s priorities are within the relationship. It provides a decent amount of detail, though you can always perform further readings if you need clarification.

This arrangement uses seven cards:

  • One: What you want from the relationship
  • Two: What your partner wants from the relationship
  • Three: How you differ
  • Four: What you have in common
  • Five: How emotionally compatible you are
  • Six: How physically compatible you are
  • Seven: How mentally compatible you are

To lay out this spread, place card number one in the upper left corner of your reading space. Place card two directly opposite in the upper right corner. Cards three and four go under cards one and two, respectively. Card five lies in the upper center space, and card six goes in the exact center. Card seven goes underneath card six.

2. Five-Card Love Spread

The five-card love spread answers questions about your relationship’s progression. As you may have guessed, this arrangement uses five cards:

  • One:Your role in the relationship
  • Two: Your partner’s role
  • Three: Past that built your relationship’s foundation
  • Four: Current status of the relationship
  • Five: Future of the relationship

To begin this spread, place the first card to the left of the center. The second card goes directly opposite on the right side. Card three goes directly above the center, and card number four goes in the exact center. The fifth card is directly under the center.

3. Six-Card Love Spread

A six-card love spread reveals the current state of your relationship in detail. The six cards have the following roles:

  • One: Your relationship’s current status
  • Two: What you bring to the relationship
  • Three: What your partner brings to the relationship
  • Four: Your potential as romantic partners
  • Five: Lessons the relationship is teaching you
  • Six: Things you should pay attention to

To create this arrangement, place the first card left of the center. Then, lay the other cards in a clockwise circle, ending with the sixth card under and slightly to the right of the first card.

If you’re not comfortable with reading for yourself, you can look for love and relationship psychics. These mediums specialize in helping clients find love and work through relationship problems. Their years of experience with both the tarot and couples allow them to offer valuable insight and advice.