7 Attributes of Generous People

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” –Former President Ronald Reagan.

Charity is a form of help that you offer with no thought of recompense. Generosity is a trait that’s rare these days. Generous people not only improve the lives of others but also feel more humble after giving charity. In today’s society, people are always eyeing the next big thing and looking at others’ possessions with greedy and envious eyes.

We have become so self-centered that our life goals revolve around making a better life for ourselves, providing security for ourselves, enjoying and indulging in luxury. We no longer think in the interest of others and how we can make their life better.

Opportunities for generosity surround us every day, but we tend to turn a blind eye towards them. The world needs more generous people, and generous people have the following outlook.

1) They don’t compete

The majority of the people today’s mindset is that I will only succeed if the others fail. They believe that their resources will shrink and decrease if others gain success. This mindset is very damaging, and one must understand that the pie of resources grows when everyone succeeds together.

2) Their generosity humbles them

Generous people gain happiness and humility from giving to others. They know that giving does not decrease your wealth. Rather it increases it and makes you happier, and gives you a feeling of the purpose of life. Humans are designed to find solace in the warmth, care and love of others. We were never meant to be selfish, yet we have become just that.

3) They trust other people and their goals

Generous people tend to trust others because generosity requires you to trust the process. To trust that the resources you gave will be used wisely by the other people. They also trust organizations such as No kid hungry, which aim to help others, use their resources for the betterment of those in need. According to the no kid hungry’s charity rating, ¾ people place their trust in them and donate so that no kid sleeps hungry ever again.

4) They help others succeed

In today’s society, we believe that to succeed, you must put down others. But that’s not true. People who help others succeed naturally succeed themselves as well. Surely a life lived for others is a life lived well.

5) They believe in change

Generous people know that the world is indulged in many problems and that these problems cannot be solved by anyone instantly or completely. But this doesn’t slow them down because they believe that to help even one person and change their life is like saving the entire humanity.

6) They know that life is short

Generous people realize and fully believe that one day we will all leave this world and that life is short. One day you are here, and the other, you are gone. Life is short, and we get only one shot, so make it count. They know that they have little time to change the world and leave their imprints on this world forever.

7) They are content with whatever they have

To be humble and to be content with whatever you have is one of the biggest blessings. To realize that you are way better than most people makes you cherish whatever you have. This makes you humble and more generous.

In a nutshell

In a world that glamorizes money, success, luxury, huge houses and fancy cars, it’s difficult to be content with what you have and to give out from what you have. Being generous and selfless in today’s time is a superpower, and we need more superheroes to save this world.