6 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for the Holidays


If you love the holidays, it makes sense to bring the atmosphere into your bedroom. Here are a few ways to Decorate your bedroom for the holiday season!

Of all the rooms in your house, the bedroom is where you spend the most time. Between sleeping, relaxing, and getting ready for the day, it’s the space where your private life is the most dominant.

If you love the holidays, it makes sense to bring the atmosphere into this sacred area to make it even more enjoyable!

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Waking up to your favorite decorations and holiday decor can create a feeling of contentment and joy that lasts you throughout the day.

These seven little tweaks to your bedroom will turn it into a magical atmosphere. You might find yourself dreaming of sugarplums dancing and all of your other favorite festivities!

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1. Add a Decorative Tree

Do you love the festive atmosphere a Christmas tree brings?

When it’s full of ornaments and garland and the lights are twinkling merrily, a tree creates a magical feel in any room. It’s no wonder the Christmas tree is one of the ultimate holiday symbols.

Trees aren’t limited to Christmastime, though.

That’s right, you don’t have to deal with the nostalgic blues that come with taking down your tree and ending the season. One of the newest trends is to have an artificial tree in a room and change the decor for every holiday.

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You can keep a tree up in your bedroom and switch it out as often as you prefer. Some people choose to decorate for each holiday, while others stick with seasonal ornaments.

It’s your tree and your bedroom. As long as it feels magical to you, there’s no wrong way to decorate it!

2. Switch Up the Color Scheme

If holidays are really your thing, investing in some bedroom decor that you can pack away and pull out each year can be rewarding.

Every holiday has a theme. Slowly (or all at once), bring the accessories that catch your eye and make you smile.

Little things can make a big difference. A throw pillow, soft area rug, and a few pieces of artwork easily turn a room festive.

Store everything away in a vacuum-sealed bag or a tote labeled with the contents for easy annual access.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip:

Shop the after-sales if you’re on a budget, and they’ll be ready for next year!

3. Trim Out Your Table Tops

As a general rule, too much clutter on the surfaces of your bedroom is a no-no. Your brain continues to process clutter even when you’re trying to relax, so it’s best to keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free.

Keep your dresser and nightstand as minimalistic as possible when there’s nothing to celebrate. But for a festive atmosphere, you can trim out the furniture with some fun decor.

The trick is to go for a happy but simple look. Line the edges of each piece with garland or fairy lights. Set your favorite little holiday knickknack where it greets you each morning.

With just a few tiny touches, you can wake up and fall asleep to a holiday feel.

4. Light Some Candles!

Not everyone enjoys candles, but if you do, they’re a great way to provide a targeted ambiance. Certain scents are linked to emotions and memories in your mind. If you want to create a fun or nostalgic space, candles can help.

With so many fragrances to choose from, you can find one that looks and smells like the holiday season. For instance, common Christmas smells include:

  • Balsam and pine trees
  • Hot chocolate
  • Snow
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin spices
  • Gingerbread

Find a safe place to put your candles out of the reach of little hands and animals. If you prefer not to use flames, a wax melt or plug-in will work, too. They don’t create the visual stimulation of a flickering candle, but you still get the scent.

5. Hang Up Inspiration

Motivational and inspirational signs are trending and easy to find. A phrase that gives you a boost of positive emotions when you read it is good to display in your bedroom.

Holiday-related words or quotes might give you all the inspiration you need to get into a festive mood. Joy, peace, and snow are popular words for the Christmas season, but every holiday has its own catchphrases.

Hang up the quote or words that bring the holiday feel to you on your wall, or use decals on the mirror. Put them anywhere you’ll see them regularly for a random perk-up.

6. Spruce Up the Bathroom, Too

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time, but the bathroom is a pretty close second. If you have an adjoining bathroom, let the holiday atmosphere seep into that space.

For example, you can switch the shower curtains to match the occasion. You can also add festive hand towels and washcloths, bath mats, and toilet seats.

Because it’s a small space, a few little accessories are all you need to change the whole room.

7. Decorate With Wallpaper

Wallpaper used to be a designer faux pas. The mess it made going up and coming down made it a regrettable decision for most people.

Now, though, removable wallpaper makes it easy to add borders around the room for every occasion.

With peel-and-stick paper, you can quickly and easily change the look of the bedroom without a mess. Since the holiday touch is temporary, borders are a good alternative to full-wall papering.

When you want to be more creative, try peel-off stencils on flat surfaces, like your windows and door. If you’re really careful when you take them down, you might be able to use them more than once.


Your favorite holidays bring happy, contented emotions with them. This feeling is real and should be enjoyed as much as possible!

Bring the festive atmosphere into your bedroom with these seven magical tricks. They can be rotated for all your special occasions, keeping you in the holiday mood all year!

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6 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for the Holidays

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