If you are a biker, I am sure you invest time and research for your motorbike’s good maintenance. In the process, there are high chances you have wondered about the condition of your motorbike battery. So, how can you take care of it?

To help you start, here are a few tips on how to take good care of your motorbike battery. Let’s get going!

  1. Don’t believe Myths associated with Battery

There are multiple myths associated with motorbike batteries that keep you away from reality. This further creates a roadblock in taking good care of the batteries.

People generally have the notion that electricity is stored by batteries, but the fact is quite the opposite. Batteries consist of plate materials and an electrolyte that together is used to produce a chemical reaction which in result produces electrical energy. This chemical reaction results in the battery getting discharged and chemical changes to the plate material and electrolyte by forming lead sulfate on the plates.

The entire chemical change can be reversed by simply charging the battery again. Remember, those batteries that do not maintain their fluid levels or that are not properly maintained lose electrical capacity and efficiency.

It is advisable to regularly use a smart charger.

  1. Maintain Electrolyte Levels

As mentioned earlier, electrolyte levels must be maintained regularly, especially in lead-acid batteries as they need an accurate electrolyte level to ensure proper functioning. Balanced electrolyte levels also extend the shelf life of the batteries.

Monthly check-ups are advisable to maintain the levels and also if required refill it with demineralized water. Overfilling must be prevented as it can lead to damaging acid spills. Fill it up to the marked levels on the case if the battery is so equipped, otherwise, fill it up to the edge of the plates visible inside each cell.

Remember, in normal circumstances, you don’t need to add acid to your batteries, that is a mixture of distilled water and sulphuric acid.

  1. Use Smart Chargers

Smart chargers are really helpful to ensure that your motorbike batteries are always fully charged as lead-acid batteries have a “charging memory”. Thus, it might not accept less charge than the highest level experienced.

The motorcycle battery starts being in a partially discharged state if the bike charging system does not keep up with the amount of power used during short trips. This leads the batteries to self-discharge and it loses any keep-alive memory.

Batteries with such kinds of charging memory are known to be faulty since they cannot be charged to their maximum capacity. There’s no way to repair them either.

  1. Clean the Terminals Regularly

Remember, acid and copper sulfate accumulations on the terminals of the battery can damage them greatly by reducing the contact area. The battery will not charge fully with resistance during the current supply.

These changes can lead to terminals getting overheated and thus, leading to further damage to your bike. Also, poor contact leads to high electrical resistances, whereas, your motorbike batteries are not designed to withstand such electrical resistances.

It also becomes difficult to start the bike due to the build-up of corrosion around battery terminals which leads to high electrical resistance. This further interrupts proper charging from the bike charging system.

Cleaning terminals with baking soda and water is highly advisable. In addition to it, a stiff wire brush can be used to clean the terminals thoroughly. Also, a smear of Vaseline will help in avoiding corrosion to build up.

Ensure that the high-density padding fitted around the battery is never removed as it helps reduce vibration.

Over to you…

So, these were a few important tips that you must know if you wish to take good care of your motorbike batteries. Now you know the key to having great weekend rides without any resistance.

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