Mental Health is a very crucial topic of concern in today’s world. Statistics have it – more than 10% of the total world’s population is suffering from one or the other mental illness.

Besides, if we take into account all those cases that go undiagnosed, the statistic might splurge higher. What does it prompt? We surely need to do more than what we already are to keep ourselves mentally fit.

But in our busy schedule, it is an absolute tedious task to keep a check on our mental health. While it is not simple to add a whole regime solely dedicated to the same, the ways to improve our mental health conditions can be really that simple. Let’s take a look into what we can do in our daily life to improve our mental health :

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  1. Meditate daily – it works wonders!

Stress is a proven factor for our deteriorating mental condition. The more you stress about things, the more likely you are to worsen your condition. Mindfulness meditation, however, is a savior – experts have validated it.

Besides relieving stress and controlling your anxiety, it is also proven to heal your brain for good. Further, to add to the list of benefits of meditation, it works the best for the ones whose anxiety levels are awfully high. So, next time you encounter an episode of anxiety, you know your best weapon.

  1. Vent to a friend – it’s that easy!

Venting is really important when it comes to your mental health. Right from the issues you’re dealing with to the many disturbing thoughts that linger in your mind – you need to spill the beans. But seeking the help of a  therapist or other such mental health services can sometimes be an expensive deal.

Therefore, it is suggested to vent to a friend who understands you and is your safe haven. Becoming a part of a mental health support group is also a great option.

  1. Change your diet, you can do it!

While resorting to a slice of cake might help you in stress management, the bad news is that it isn’t really good for your mental health in the long run. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, then you need to stop munching on candies, pastries, or cakes.

Add more lentils, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids like fish, to your diet. Brownie points for adding chocolate in apt amounts!

  1. Find yourself a furry friend

If you’re looking for a reason to adopt a dog, we’re certainly giving you the best one. Dogs are widely considered as “A man’s best friend”. Not just they amuse you and guard your house, but petting them can also release Oxytocin.

More the levels of oxytocin, the less the viability to mental health issues. Not to forget, they keep you amazed, happy, and occupied with their many tricks and plays. They absolutely leave no room for negative thoughts in your head. One more reason to love dogs!

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  1. Spend more time in nature, less time on the internet

Our data consumption history has it – the time we start feeling low or stressed, we surrender ourselves to social media. It can be of help sometimes, but mostly it just worsens the case. The simplest thing we can do about it is cut down on our social media presence and add on to our interaction with nature.

Spend more time in the greenery. Go out for walks, take a drive down the lane, or maybe just run for an errand! Try spending more time outside of your home – in your backyard.

  1. Sleep is your best friend – take a good night’s sleep every day

Last but not the least, sleeping peacefully is important. It is arguably the easiest way to keep you fit emotionally. Keep a check on your sleep schedule. Don’t compromise it for anything. It’s okay if for a few nights you couldn’t afford 8 hours of sleep but do not allow it to become a habit.

Facts have it, people with mental health issues are more vulnerable to developing insomnia. So, take a good night’s sleep every day and you are sure to see an improvement in your mental health.

In a nutshell…

Mental fitness is important and it is no joke. Here we suggested 6 simple ways to improve your mental health conditions. But remember, Rome was not built in a day and improvement is a long road. Try adding this regime to your daily routine and you are sure to enjoy better mental health.