3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs
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Each type of man has a reason for affair, and each type has a different risk of being caught. Affair is an act of unfaithfulness in a devoted love relationship. This is most commonly regarded as a type of cheating with intense and passionate emotional or physical attachment.

The term “Affair” rarely applies to one-off events. Unfaithfulness and affair can be difficult to define. This is because different people set different boundaries in their relationships with respect to what is considered cheating. But like any other type of affair, the case is essentially a breach of trust.

Unfaithfulness can adversely affect a devoted relationship. Not only are relationships likely to end, but betrayed people may have many problems, from self-esteem and mental health issues to the practical issues of dealing with the aftermath.

When a cheater breaks the trust of a partner, the relationship inevitably changes. The days of their previous relationship are counted before they are caught. Some people can forgive the case, but it leaves its mark on all relationships, regardless of the outcome. Between men and women, men are more likely to cheat their long-term relationship partners. Here are the most common reasons why 3 types of men have affairs and tips on how to find signs when it happens.

When it comes to clerical work, there are different types of men engaged in it. Some may think that all problems are equal, but they are not. In fact, there are three types of men who have affairs: those who seek comfort (Charming guy), those who seek thrills (Horny guy), and those who seek opportunity.

The Charming Guy

Charming is one of three types of men who have affair. He has a natural attracting personality and tendency of having affairs with women and generally tending to maintain an affinity with women.

The Charming Guy


In 3 types of men who have affair, the one can be romantic and charming affair, which can be described as “heart affair”. Romantic relationships usually take the form of sexual relationships with some degree of romantic relationship and emotional attachment. If both partners agree on a relationship, the term is less common, but can also be used to describe a form of non-monogamy.

Mr. Charming is smart, funny, smooth to talk to, exciting and easy to get along with, so it’s easy and fun to be around. It is this disarmament personality that he uses for his advantage to beat the girl despite the state of his relationship. According to this point of view, this is perfectly justified different types of men who have affairs. He sees the case as a reward for his affectionate and compelling personality. For men, affair is not a reflection of his marriage or relationships, but a way to prove to himself that he still has it. The men who have this type of affair, he is the man who has an affair but continues to marry or have a relationship with his main partner.

The Horny Guy

The Horny Guy
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A man with unusually high libido is confirm one of three types of men who are more likely to have a lot of affairs. Unfortunately, this type of men confessed lust, continues to cheat, despite catching and giving the ultimatum in every situation. He is often an incredibly charismatic and smooth speaker. He’s a hard-to-resist man, friendly, funny, inspiring, and confident. In addition to sex, horny guys generally love the attention that being with someone else brings. It confirms him and gives him a good feeling.

Men who have affair their spouse or long-term partner just to satisfy their sexual desire may continue this pattern regardless of the damage done to your relationship. Perhaps in his mind, his sexual desire is separate from his emotional attachment and the reason for maintaining a relationship with you.

Horny men is more dangerous guy in 3 types of men who have affairs because he only talks about sex as an essential biological human need, rather than an emotional connection or any other human need. He tries to solve your problem and bring you back to his side with a gift or cash infusion. Horny guy are sexual naughty scammers and have a sex-centric mindset and you may feel that most of your relationships are sex-centric.

The Opportunistic Guy

You seem to be completely happy with your relationship, but you will still be cheating around and fooling around. In fact, a survey investigating the reasons for fraud found that 70% of participants stated that situational factors were a significant impact.

Sex in affair doesn’t mean anything to him-it just happens. When he sees an opportunity, he done it. If a woman is open to his sexual progress, he doesn’t know why he shouldn’t pursue an encounter or affair with her. After all, it’s just sex, not a big deal, it’s readily available.

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs

3 types of men who have affairs has a general misunderstanding that cheating always results from lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions at home or any other issues with family and love one, but the truth is not always black and white. They have affairs just because they may look shocking, but they are consistent with similar findings that 74% of men said they would cheat if there was a guarantee that they would never be caught.

Men were more aware of “opportunities” as motivations for affairs than women. Opportunists may not have dated the app or removed their wedding ring at the bar looking for a woman, but if they’re “in the right place at the right time”, they’ll defiantly jump into the chance

3 types of men who have affair each have different scenarios and the for the opportunists we identify certain scenarios which seems difficult to resist.

  1. Attract attention from women such as colleagues at work or strangers in the bar, compliment and
  2. A person who has made obvious sexual progress and directly provides non-binding
  3. Go outside, drink and sleep with someone as a one-night stand.

Types of Affairs:

3 types of men who have affairs does not justify that it is okay to being have an affair. It’s just a way to dig deeper into why the incident happens in the first place. Part of the “why” is to understand that all affairs are not same. Various motives and reasons drive people to cheat through different types of affairs. Some major types of affairs are listed below:

The Casual Sex Affair

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs
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Purely sexual relationships rarely occur, such as unfaithfulness or one-night relationships. Men who cheated their wives in this way often develop behavioral patterns and engage in such things many times.

3 types of men who have this type of affair has happy and fine marriage life, but the reason he engages in extramarital sex is because he has the opportunity and accepts it. Sometimes he regrets these things and tries to stop them, but in the end, he returns to them.

The “Mistress” Affair

In this type of affair, a man wants to stay married and have a long relationship. If a man wants to be in a relationship with both his wife and his flirt partner, he jumps over the hoop to keep his flirt secret.

He wants all the benefits that these two relationships offer. His affair partner does not understand that he is using her. She often believes he will eventually leave his wife, but if forced to make her choice, he will stick to him.

The Accidental Affair

It’s not all about coincidence when you consciously decide to have a one-night affair. But it doesn’t stop accidental affairs from being really surprised that they were fooled. They often convince themselves that they may not know how it happened. It’s not uncommon to say something like “it just happened” to explain the case.

3 types of men who have affair can impulsive one-night stands are justified by temporary unconsciousness, momentary heat, heavy drinking, believing that it can be escaped even overnight, or some other rationalization. It is an event born from convenience and opportunity.

There is no emotional attachment. Business trips provide the perfect environment for a one-night stand. Lonely travelers are often attacked by others in the same situation.

The Emotional Affair

Emotional cheating does not include sexual intimacy, but do include emotional connections with others. It develops among colleagues, friends and acquaintances and can permanently undermine relationships with betrayed partners over time.

At first, it can be justified as “just friendship”, but the emotional intimacy contained in this type of relationship often crosses the boundaries of friendship. If he is closer to his “just friend” and loves him more than his wife, it is considered an affair and it is undeniable that it is.

The Romantic Affair

The Romantic Affair

A romantic relationship can occur from an emotional affair, or because a man has a romantic or sexual relationship with another woman. He may try to justify this by blaming the magic of falling in love or claiming that his wife does not look at him like any other woman. This type of incident often lasts for a long time and can be switched on and off.

The “screw you” Affair

This affair is all about make a point in which a cheater want to get something by having an incident. One of the reasons could be revenge on her wife if the wife tricked him. Another situation is when he gets caught and tries to end his marriage. If you don’t have the courage to leave your wife, you can flirt and make it easier to find your wife.

Narcissists men play a vital role to explain why 3 types of men who have affairs, they are selfish in nature and often they start these types of affairs in order to take revenge or give pain to his spouse. It’s a pity that this way of thinking continues, but it happens. In fact, narcissists are likely to have relationships with their spouse’s close relatives and friends, so the damage can be particularly traumatic if the relationship is exposed.

The Sex Addict’s Affair

Three Types of Men Who Have Affairs

Infidelity and sexual addiction affairs are a legacy that has been passed down to generations of families. The urge to have sex addiction means that they can’t find true fulfillment even if they deceive their spouse many times. Sex-addicted affairs give a big reason to explain 3 types of men who have affairs.

Those people who are involved in this type of affair may feel obsessed with their own sexual needs and lack the power to control their desires. Addiction can also extend to sexual behavior such as watching pornography, cybersex, club strips, prostitution, masturbation, and other destructive behavior.

Reasons why 3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs:

  1. Exposure to infidelity in childhood
  2. Mental illness
  3. Previous cheating
  4. Psychological issues
  5. Sex addiction
  6. Childhood trauma
  7. Unhappiness/Dissatisfaction
  8. Feeling unappreciated
  9. Lack of commitment
  10. Boredom
  11. Body image
  12. Revenge
  13. Internet
  14. Opportunity
  15. Poor boundaries:
  16. Pornography
  17. Attachment style

In short, there are three types of men who have affairs:

  1. Those who want more love and emotional connections as charming men,
  2. Those who are looking for just physical connections as horny,
  3. Those who got a chance in life as opportunistic.

Cheating tells a lot about people. Usually, three types of men have an affair: all three are unable to deal with relationship issues, so they rely on affairs to meet their needs. If you have a relationship with a man who is having an affair, it is important to understand what kind of affair he is having and why he has it. If you can identify the reason for his affair, you can solve the problem and save the relationship.

3 Types of Men Who Have Affairs
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