14 Ways to Plan the Best Wedding


Weddings are beautiful – it is a celebration of the love bond that you share with your significant other. If this beautiful day is arriving soon, you might be wondering how to make this day as memorable and beautiful as possible – not only for you but also for your guests.

You might want to get your hands on a wedding planner organizer, but we have made a list of 14 wedding planning ideas that will make your wedding memorable, impress your friends, and make it one of the best weddings anyone can possibly attend. wedding planner book.

On a side note, even if weddings aren’t in your life right now, and it doesn’t apply to you, one day, you will probably be invited to a wedding as a bridesmaid or something to do with the wedding. These tips will prove fruitful.

Read on to learn more:

Choose a Nice Month

If you are somebody who particularly hates the heat and doesn’t like to sweat, choose your wedding month wisely. If you don’t want it to be in the winters, you might want to go for the spring season, preferably in April.

The last thing that you want to feel on your wedding day is heat – it will make you feel cranky and overwhelmed. Depending on the region where you live, you will have to choose a nice month that will make you and your guests comfortable.

If you live in Alabama, don’t choose your wedding in August as it’s really hot and humid. Simply put, don’t plan your wedding in a notoriously hot month – the same goes for cold.

Plan the Venue

Usually, many people consider the first thing while planning their wedding is their venue. Once the venue is decided, it allows all other pieces to fall into place. Once the venue is picked, you will have a better idea about how much money you will need to make your wedding dream as memorable as possible.

You will be able to set a budget and do thorough financial planning to understand what amount you can dictate to other things. Your venue will also dictate the style and theme of your wedding. Once you pick your venue, you will see all other places of the wedding falling in place.

Keep a Brief Wedding Ceremony

Despite that, you have invited friends and family, and they will be all excited to attend your wedding and see you getting married; they will never want to witness an overly extensive wedding ceremony. Don’t forget that we are moving in a different society where people’s attention span has shrunk, which is why you ought to keep the wedding ceremony short, ideally around 20 minutes, so that no one loses attention.

While speeches might be a necessary part of your wedding event, we recommend keeping them short instead of dragging them for too long.

Involve Your Guests

Since you are inviting guests to attend your wedding, you are already making them a crucial part of your wedding, and their involvement is crucial. One easy way to do so is to play the songs they (your guests) want to listen to, which will allure them to the dance floor.

You can stir the guests’ attention by having the DJ make an announcement each time they prepare to take a song request from the guests. Soon, you will see the guests getting eager to join the dance floor to the beat of their favorite songs.

Give Out a Goody Bag

Understandably, some of your guests will be traveling from other areas to the destination wedding. By handing your guests a goody bag, you will show your appreciation and gratefulness in the best manner possible. Make sure to make the wedding goody bags as welcoming as possible.

Some great ideas for the goody bag would be customized presents, souvenirs related to the wedding venue, snacks, candy, and even beverages.

Go Out of Your Way to Greet Each Guest

As obvious as it might sound, you can make your wedding for all guests so much more memorable if you would personally greet each of your guests. Once the basic wedding ceremony has ended, and the wedding celebrations are underway, you might want to spend some time with each guest by visiting their dinner table. However, you could also chat over a drink or let loose with your guests on the dance floor.

Ensure the Comfort of Your Guests

Depending on your wedding venue and the time of the year when you and your partner are planning to tie the knot, you will have to ensure that the attending guests remain comfortable throughout the wedding event. This means that you might want to offer them wraps (in the colder season) and maybe flip-flops if the event is on a sunny beach. In the latter case, you might want to think about offering your wedding guests parasols as well.

Include Customized Drinks

Customized drinks are a massive thing at weddings, and your guests will remember you for a long time. Speaking of customized drinks, you might want to include an option of customized drinks. By doing so, you can save a lot of money by forgoing a full bar.

Besides, by including customized drinks and cocktails, your wedding reception will feel so much more personal. Select customized drinks that suit the taste buds of a wide array of guests.

Include a Phone-Charging Station

You know how we are constantly connected with the world on the phone, and your guests are no exception. More time than before is spent on social media, which increases the need to have your phone charged at all times. Plus, your guests will be interested enough to post photos on social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, just to keep their friends and family in the loop that they are having the time of their life at your wedding.

Including a phone-charging station in your reception will ensure that your friends and family never run out of battery life. Don’t forget to put up a sign that will indicate to your guests the presence of a phone-charging station. Also, place the phone-charging station away from your venue’s focal point, preferably near the bathroom stalls.

Display Your Favorite Moments

A wedding is an emotional moment not only for you and your significant other but also for the attendees. You can indulge everyone fully in your wedding by sharing your most memorable moments with them. You can use a projector to display your favorite moments and make everyone part of your wedding. By sharing your favorite moments with your guests, you can also surprise your significant other. However, you should be warned that there can be tears involved as memories are beautiful and might stir a strong emotional response from your significant other and your guests.

Include Late-Night Snacks

This one is purely optional and depends on the reception time. Let’s say the wedding reception includes dinner and dessert, and you want to extend your post-wedding till late at night; in this case, you can include a late-night snack which your guests will appreciate a lot. Depending on the catering service, you can ask their team of chefs to include light late-night snack options to revive the stay-behind guests. Some amazing options for late-night snacks would include fries, donuts, and crackers.

Give Small Favors to Guests

And when we talk about favors, we aren’t referring to framed photos of you and your spouse. Give your guests something small but valuable that they won’t leave behind on the table, such as mini cookies or custom-made bottles that contain yummy snacks.

You can also use fruits and small fruit baskets that your guests will actually appreciate. To take the favors a notch higher, you can paste personalized stickers on fruits and also add puns and meaningful lines on the stickers.

You can also opt for local delights that are linked with the venue. This will allow your guests to have a taste of the locality.

Don’t Follow Traditions if You Don’t Want to

It’s your wedding day, no one else’s. If you don’t want to follow through with some typical wedding traditions, don’t. If you feel like your guests won’t be comfortable with certain traditions and customs, you don’t have to follow them. Just skip those traditions, and replace them with fun activities, such as wedding games. Wedding games are a fun way to make the guests interact with one another.

Have Fun with the Seating

This is a great idea for outdoor weddings where you can have fun with the guests’ seating arrangement. Your seating arrangement should mirror your wedding theme and style. For instance, you can replace the chairs with cushions. Or, you could also use comfy tree stumps that have been painted with tribal prints. Instead of getting hooked on the venue’s aesthetics, pay attention to the comfort level of your guests.