Fun activities that can also help you earn money


Everyone dreams of a hobby that can actually make money, and it’s only normal – what would be better than doing your favorite thing and earning a profit out of it?

Do you have such an activity that you dedicate your spare time to just because you enjoy it? Yes? Then, you’ve got into a hobby! And while it’s perfectly fine to indulge in these pastimes just for fun, it would be great to take full advantage of your talents and make actual money out of them. Wondering what kinds of activities are out there that can generate an income? Plenty! From hosting a podcast and gardening to woodworking and crypto trading. Sometimes, you don’t even need expensive equipment to do your things – just a bit of knack and patience. But if this is your activity that you’d have done anyway, then it’s worth the energy.

Some of these below-mentioned activities will bring you extra spending money while others will bring a full income. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for your pocket. So, let’s get into it!


You may have heard about the many benefits of gardening for mental health. Studies found that gardening activities can reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression, so specialists recommend this type of hobby for anyone having some sort of mental issue and healthy people in general. But did you know that this activity can also turn profitable? By raising a vegetable garden, for example, you can sell the plants to diverse local grocers or consumers on the Internet. You’d be surprised by the number of individuals interested in eating homegrown, organic food. Plants are surprisingly a great way to grow rich, and this should be highlighted. Millennials, for example, plowed an unbelievable amount of $13 billion into plants in 2022 alone. So, if you’re an avid gardener, consider transforming your hobby into an actual income generator.


Who would have thought that gaming could ever turn into a profitable business? Well, today is full of surprises. If you’re an ardent fan of video games, you can earn substantial rewards by simply playing and streaming your favorite game. An astonishingly large audience enjoys watching others playing and commenting on a particular game. Games like Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends, or the super-awaited Silent Hill 2 are all remarkable candidates, so ensure you set up streaming from your PS5, Xbox One, or PC to embark on this adventure.

Apart from streaming a game that brings your personality to the table, you can also go for Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, an innovative concept that has made the gaming industry reach new heights. P2E games’ very philosophy implies winning battles and collecting in-game valuables that are, more often than not, represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs, in turn, have real-money value and can be used to advance through the game’s levels or traded for fiat currency or other digital assets. This side of gaming is pretty cool, especially if you’re passionate about both video games and crypto, as P2E harmoniously fuses the two together to bring you fun and material gains.

Crypto trading

There are myriad ways to earn money from cryptocurrency, including investing, staking, lending, and mining. However, none of these is as fun as trading. Thanks to strategies like day trading, range trading, reversal trading, scalping, or position trading, this activity can be fun, safe, and profitable at the same time. So, if it’s crypto that has grabbed your interest, then feel free to turn it into a hobby. In case you’ve just entered this vast and mysterious world, you’re surely curious about its peculiarities. And not only is it normal to be so but also compulsory – you can’t trade crypto without a comprehensive understanding of the technology and a robust strategy in place. Therefore, suppose you trade Ethereum for profit; make sure you master everything from the cryptocurrency’s adoption and market sentiment to Ethereum price and volatility levels.

Hosting a podcast

Launching a podcast may be your next big thing if you’re both a good communicator and listener. Besides being a gratifying activity to nurture your soul, podcasting can also bring you a substantial income. This depends, of course, on the type of podcast you’re recording and the guests invited to open up there. Among the most popular topics addressed in a podcast are news, comedy, sport, health/fitness, and true crime, according to Statista. But you can specialize in whatever sphere you like as long as you put in the effort to make it viral. Once you start raising an audience, you can hope for significant rewards. Also, you may want to join a podcast network to enlarge your horizons.

Cooking and baking

Among the many things that made Martha Stewart so famous is her inclination to cooking. So, there’s proof that any passion can turn into a successful business if you take your work seriously. If you find it pleasant to spend time in the kitchen, explore various recipes, and try out foods from other cultures, consider transforming your talent into an actual job. You can cook and bake for people’s culinary needs and then sell your delicacies. Or, you can apply for a chef position. As long as you do it with flair, there’s no way not to make money.

DIY arts and crafts

The DIY arts and crafts market is vast, comprising everything from wood items and textiles to jewelry, candles and soap. It’s an industry of about $40 billion, as numbers from 2021 show, so yes, it does have potential if this has just crossed your mind. So, if you’re dexterous and have a talent for crafting unique goods, you may want to take into account selling your products. To whom? Well, a seemingly boundless market that can’t wait for your next big idea. Seriously, handcrafting has never been more profitable, so if you’ve got this hobby and love everything about it, we encourage you to make your creations known on platforms like Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, and Shopify.

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