What are the benefits of direct mail advertising for Auto repair shops?

What are the benefits of direct mail advertising for Auto repair shops?

In a world that goes online to search for goods and services, many auto repair shop owners question the value of direct mail marketing. With that in mind, people often overlook the countless emails received each day. Receiving a letter gets noticed, which is one of the many benefits of direct mail advertising for auto repair shops. Discover why it is crucial to use direct mail to promote auto repair shops, especially in the unsure days following COVID-19.

Keep It Simple

One of the simplest and most effective ways to reach local customers is ending out postcards offering discounted automotive services. Many customers question business openings and hours after COVID-19. A postcard lets potential customers know an auto shop is ready for business. An added benefit is postcards offering discounts and coupons can be shared with friends and neighbors who may need auto repairs. Include an expiration date on all discounts to encourage recipients to take action now.

Stand Out From the Competition

Mail volume diminished since the quarantine, which means letters stand out more than ever before. Plus, some people are still working at home and have the opportunity to review the mail upon receipt. As email boxes overflow with promotional messages that could be ignored, a promotional postcard or flyer sent via snail mail gets noticed. Direct mail also lets customers know the business is fully operational.

Build Relationships Based on Trust

Direct mail marketing is a trusted way to reach local customers because leading companies have done it for decades. When people have something tangible in their hands, it starts a relationship based on integrity and communication. Responding to the postcard kicks off an interactive experience that enables auto repair shops to build long-term relationships with customers in their neighborhoods. The initial response is an opportunity to continue communicating with locals until they schedule an appointment.

Be Memorable

One of the greatest advantages of direct mail is the memorable message people have in hand. An email is quickly deleted and forgotten, with a potential customer surfing away to other things. However, many people keep mail around for days or weeks, and a postcard becomes a continued reminder about the local auto shop offering repair services. Always include contact information via phone, email, social media, text, and mail to ensure every customer has a preferred way to reach out to the business.

Support Other Marketing Efforts

Direct mail is an excellent way to support other marketing efforts, including TV, radio, newspaper ads, and online marketing. Cross-promote various specials and discounts to reach out to the broadest segment of your target market. Ongoing reminders on all fronts keep the business name in front of customers so they remember it when they need auto repairs. Include new protocols in the marketing messages to make customers feel comfortable reaching out and taking action after the “new normal.”

Many auto repair shops are struggling to come back after COVID-19. Direct mail offers a distinctive advantage, giving auto shops a chance to let customers know they are open and ready for business. Plus, a postcard is a quick and affordable way to stay in touch with current customers. In a bustling marketplace overwhelmed with online messages, stand out from the competition by offering a personal touch.