Facial Recognition System - The Ultimate Solution To Put Off Digital Identity Fraud

With time, the cases of cyberattacks and online fraud are increasing rapidly. Unrestricted access to digital accounts results in cybercrimes. Thus, strengthening security measures by embedding advanced technology is the need of the hour. Authenticated user access is the only way to make the online space protected from cyberattacks. To authenticate the customers, businesses have to use identity verification software capable of detecting spoofing. Thus,  facial recognition systems are the ultimate gateway to verify customers and their legal access to digital accounts. 

Facial Recognition System and its workflow

Verifying the persons’ identity through face imprints is referred to as a face recognition system. Facial recognition is being used to boost the effectiveness of security methods nowadays. This verification measure is the most efficient in the market which is capable of detecting and deterring the risk of unauthorized ways to enter into digital accounts. 

  1. The customers’ physical and behavioral characteristics are captured at the time of registration
  2. The useable information is extracted and then shaped into the template
  3. When the extraction is done then the data is compared with the existing templates placed in the database
  4. At last, after comparing both templates facial recognition system generates the results if the templates are perfectly matched or not 

Key Features Of Facial Recognition System

The facial verification systems are integrated with loads of features that are fruitful for all types of businesses to boost up their identity verification process to mitigate the activities of the fraudsters. Below are the features which make facial recognition more effective

  • Liveness Detection

Through these features, the business is now able to verify the physical presence of customers remotely. Therefore the risk of spoofing or wearing 3D masks is diminishing while using this system.

  • 3D Depth Detection

This feature tends to detect the presence of forged images provided by the customer. The provided images are thoroughly compared with the images provided at the time of the signing to verify the identity and then giving access to the digital account.

  • Deep fake Detection 

Deep fakes fraud is also trending in the digital world to manipulate the system. The facial recognition systems are capable of detecting such attempts through various checks which include images authentication, skin characteristic, etc.

Advantages Of Face Recognition

The number of identity fraud is rising annually. The fraudsters using the technology with bad intentions are becoming pro in their job. Billions of people are becoming victims of fraudsters. The old-fashioned identity verification systems are not so promising to minimize criminal activities. Therefore the facial recognition system is the perfect fit and is a life savior for the business while ensuring digital identity protection at the utmost security level.

  • Flawless Customer Onboarding 

With digitization, every business is moved to online platforms which have made gaps between the physical interaction of the businesses and the customers. Whereas customers also require hassle-free procedures before onboarding business. Keeping in mind the security concerns and to prevent identity fraud, a facial recognition system is out in the market which diminishes the manual time taking process and is capable of verifying the customer through various checks, putting off fraud like spoofing, wearing 3D masks, etc. Therefore, the process of onboarding customers is quite fast while ensuring top-notched security and privacy concerns. 

  • Vigorous Online Identity Verification Mechanism

The enhancements in the identity verification systems are much needed to meet today’s world data security and privacy concerns. Thus to make verification systems better the facial recognition technology is quite promising which generates the results in a few seconds while increasing the robustness of the verification process. This is quite fruitful for the business in detecting the actual identities of the customer in case the customers have provided forged documents to malfunction the system.

  • Preventing Minors’ from Exploitation 

The old-school way of verifying the age is not capable of meeting the digital world’s requirement where the fraudster is well equipped to malfunction systems with top-notch security measures. Nowadays the minors are more likely to become the victims of fraudsters whereas they tend to be involved in age-restricted activities via illegal channels. To restrict the use of such a service, facial recognition systems are most sufficient to do so. While getting access to such platforms the user has to pass through the face recognition verification which tends to detect the actual age to get access.

Final Thoughts 

The digital world is under the impact of fraudsters. To put off the bad intention and to reduce the number of frauds the business has to implement the identity verification system embedded with the facial recognition system which levels up the verification process and is quite impressive to deter the risk of identity theft from the digital space.