On average, the postal service delivers 429.9 million pieces of mail a day. That’s more than the number of people living in the United States!

At some point, your letter or package is just one in this sea of millions. So how do you ensure its safety? Ensure its speedy delivery into the right hands?

The answer, certified mail.

If you’ve ever sent or received mail, then this article is for you. Stay right there as we give you the top three certified mail facts and show how they can help you!

1. Certified v. Registered

First on our list of important facts to know is the difference between certified and registered mail.

So, what is certified mail? It’s an additional mailing service that you purchase in tandem with First-Class or Priority Mail. This service is unique to the United States Postal Service and helps mail carriers recognize the mail or package as important and time-sensitive.

Registered mail is similar to certified, but it has a few key differences. For instance, it provides extra security for locked cages, safes, or sealed containers, and at every stage of delivery, it’s signed by the handler. You can also purchase insurance of up to $50,000 with registered mail.

However, most people don’t require such robust security when it comes to letters and parcels, and you can handle certified mail online!

2. Provides Proof

Important fact number two is sending certified mail gives you proof.

Often in business, or even in the family, specific documents or items have to be posted by a certain date. Failing to do so can lead to voided legal documents or missed RSVP invites. However, with this service, you’ll receive proof of postage showing you followed through on your end of the deal.

The same goes for delivery.

You’ll receive a notification when the package or letter reaches its destination. Tracking and required signature is standard with certified mail, so you don’t have to worry about customers taking advantage or companies claiming to be missing documents.

3. Extra Protection

The last fact about certified mail is it equals extra protection.

We’ve all feared the possibility of our letter getting lost in the system forever or delivered to the wrong place. With certified mail, this is a worry of the past as handlers immediately know to manage the mail with extra care. Also, the mail must be delivered to the recipient directly, hand to hand, giving an extra step of accountability.

Certified Mail at Your Service!

As humans, we know mistakes can happen, but if you can prevent them to the best of your ability, why not? Using certified mail is one of those easy extras steps you can take to ensure a mistake-free experience.

We hope these facts have shown you the importance of mail services and convinced you of the usefulness of certified mail. If you want to learn more or enjoy our writer’s insights, then hop over to our blog for some great information. We cover everything home, beauty – and so much more!