Did you know that every time you send an invoice via email rather than by paper, you save an average of $20?

If you always sent paper invoices, you might not know how to send an invoice via email. It’s an easy process and quick to learn. All you need to do is follow the steps we have laid out below. So keep reading for a brief e-invoice guide.

Use Some Software to Create the Invoice

Perhaps you are using some small business accounting software like QuickBooks to create your invoices. Maybe you are creating the invoice in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel using their templates. Or you have the best invoice template from Adobe out there to create your invoices!

Whatever it might be, your first step will always be to create the invoice in the software and have it ready in PDF format. Make sure you number the invoices so it’s easier for you to check which ones got paid and which ones haven’t, down the road. Download the invoice so you can attach it to your email (see the steps below). 

Write Out a Brief Email to Explain

Briefly explain in your email what your invoice is all about and why you are sending it at this time using email. It doesn’t have to be too formal unless that’s what your industry is like.

Make sure to CC your accounting team, so they know what invoices got sent and which are still pending. This way everyone will stay in the loop. 

Attach the Invoice to the Email

The downloaded invoice from step 1 can now be attached to the email you’ve created. It’s the same as when you attached photos or other items to your email previously. Make sure you don’t send an email without an attachment because that would seem highly unprofessional. 

Hit Send, and Voila, Sending an Invoice via Email Is Done!

Once you hit send, you are done! You’ve completed the journey from creating a product, selling it, and invoicing it. You are a legitimate business owner now. 

All you need to do is keep repeating this process over again until your business makes tons of profits. 

Also, you will need a procedure in place to check on invoices that aren’t paid on time. Either email them back or call them to enquire about what’s going on at their end. Some clients are good at paying on time, but everyone has those problem customers who are always late with their payments

Now You Know How to Send an Invoice via Email

Implement the steps above once, and you will see how easy it is to send an invoice via email. You will wonder why you were ever worried about the process. 

You will then be ready to explain to others how to send an invoice via email. Keep browsing through our website for more invoice tips.