Are you overweight? Are you thinking of joining a gym? What if we tell you there is a better way to get back in shape? Try this new Indoor cycling app. It is called Vingo, and it will help you reduce your weight and get you back into fitness in no time at all. With this app by your side, you will never have to step foot in a gym for all your life. Here’s how it works.

Virtual Reality Fitness

The Vingo app uses Virtual Reality to give you an outdoor experience while you go on Indoor cycling. You can experience the detailed virtual space on your screen by installing the app on your smart device. To get a realistic experience install the app on your smart TV and place the screen before your training bike.

Explore the World While getting Fit

The most advantageous thing about the app is that it will take you around the world at no cost. It is loaded with a lot of maps for users to explore. These maps are designed from famous spots across the world. Everyday thousands of people come into the app just to explore the spots. Also, the spots contain interesting facts and information about them. You can learn the history of the places while you cycle around in them. This is a unique form of exercise, and it is being dubbed Online cycling by many.

Turn Cycling into an Adventure

You can change your training bike into your very own adventure vehicle. You can even change the way it looks on your screen, by selecting from a range of colours and features. Also, you can create your own digital avatar on the app. Upload your selfie in the app and it will do it for you. You can then add cool outfits, work-out gears, equipment, and even your pets to your avatar.

Set Your Fitness Goals in Vingo

You can make your exercise more meaningful by setting your target weight loss goals. You can do this easily in the app. The app will automatically suggest you with progressively tough tracks every day. This way you will be pushing your limits without you realising it. This kind of training is what will help you get fit, and Vingo does it very easily.

Join Communities and Compete with Pros

Inside Vingo, you can find hundreds of online communities with thousands of people each. Some of these communities take fitness training more seriously. They conduct regular races and competitions, so that participants can be kept motivated. You can join them too. You can compete with trained athletes and also ask them tips to improve your game.

You can also find running competitions within some communities. This is because Vingo is also used by people as an app for running. You can use it with your treadmill and go for online running everyday too.

With the Vingo app, you can get all the urgent care for your fitness goals. So what are you waiting for? Get the app today.