How Long Do Vape Coils Last?


E-Cigarette sales started gaining traction in 2015, going from $304.2 million to $2.06 billion by the end of 2018. This is a growth of $1.969 billion in three years.

With vaping becoming so popular, it’s almost impossible to walk around and not see someone holding a vape device. But how much is it going to cost you to start vaping? Well, for one thing, that depends on how long your vape coils last.

If you’re interested in learning more about vaping and vaping coils, keep reading as we give you the low down.

When to Change Your Vape Coils

Not every vape device is made equal. Some will last longer than others, and some are created to be disposable once empty. Also, if your vaping device has changeable coils, these will need to be changed.

How often depends on how much you vape. You’ll know it’s time to change your vape coils when one or more of the following happens:

  • When your vape tastes burnt
  • When your vape starts tasting nasty
  • It starts leaking
  • It makes a weird, gurgling noise
  • If it delivers less cloud than it used to

Ultimately, you’ll know it’s time to change your coil when it starts tasting bad since this is usually the first sign. If you notice it starts to taste burnt, your coil probably needs changing, especially if you’re using a high-quality e-juice.

If you don’t change your vape coil in time after you’ve noticed the signs we mentioned, you risk damaging your entire device, so it’s strongly recommended not to ignore this.

Factors That Affect How Long Vape Coils Last

Usually, if you’re a consistent vaper, a good rule of thumb is to change them once every two weeks at least. If you’re a more serious smoker, you may need to change them sooner, like every 4-5 days. Some factors that affect the lifespan of your vape are:

  1. The Volt You Vape At: If your voltage or wattage is higher, the vape coil will produce more heat, thus shortening the overall lifespan of the coil
  2. How Often You Vape: If you vape less, the coil doesn’t get as much wear and tear, so you’ll notice it lasts longer than if you used it more heavily
  3. How Slowly the Cotton Deteriorates: Once the cotton inside the tank looks dark brown, it’s probably time to replace your coil

If you’re a heavy user, you might want to look into wholesale vape coils to save money.

Tips for Making Vape Coils Last Longer

So no one likes spending too much money on vape products if they don’t have to, so we understand if you balk at the idea of buying coil after coil. There are a few things you can try to make your vape coil last longer, namely:

  • Use unsweetened e-juice, as this prevents residue from forming on your coils as quickly
  • Readjust your vape wattage to bring down the amount of vaporizing power, so your coils don’t have to work so hard
  • Prime your new coils by adding a drop of e-liquid on each wick opening and wait a short while
  • Always keep your tank or vape pods full, so the coil can keep itself wet and not burn out

How Long Do Your Vape Coils Last?

Following the tips and advice offered here, you will likely have vape coils that last longer. By doing this, you reduce the wear and tear on your coil and won’t need to spend unnecessary money replacing coils that burn out too quickly.

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