Did you know that the leading cause of disease amongst 8.4% of people in Australia are overweight and obesity? It is shocking but true. Amongst this, the number of women in the obesity and the overweight category is 60%.

However, that does not mean that women cannot reach their desired weight goals. They can, with the right tips and motivation. Though, they do have to approach this in the right manner. To ease you into losing weight correctly, here are few tips to start you on your journey to becoming fit.

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 8 effective weight loss tips for women

  1. Less isn’t always more when it comes to food

Several diets lead us to believe that eating fewer calories will help you lose more weight. That is not true! The number of calories that our body requires depends on our physical activity. If you eat less and do more walking, running, or workout, your body will not lose weight. Instead, it will start losing muscle, which makes your body vulnerable to severe health issues.

To support the amount of physical activity you do, make sure you are taking the necessary calories. Underfeeding it will not help you lose weight; it can pause your journey.

  1. Track your food

Tracking your every meal can be a game-changer. When you know how many calories you eat in a day, it enables you to make an informed choice about picking your food. With the help of tracking, 88% of people have already lost a few pounds within seven days. Tracking apps, like myfitnesspal, keep count of not just the calories, but overall nutrients that you are consuming. Armed with this information, you will start making better food choices.

  1. Cook at home

Women have too much on their hands. Some days they have too little time, and ordering food at times like this sounds too appealing. Though, it is not great for your weight loss goals. When we cook food at home, we can restrict the amount of oil and sugar in it. We have control over the ingredient, which makes it healthier when we prepare our meals.

To make meal prepping easy and healthy, make sure you always get fresh food delivery boxes at your doorstep always. Cooking with fresh ingredients enhances the taste and nutrition value of the meal.

  1. Try to eat more protein & fiber

Including high-protein meals in your diet, especially for postpartum women is necessary. A high protein diet fulfills you, increases your metabolism, and decreases cravings. Start the day with a protein-rich breakfast, like eggs or chickpea salad or tofu and spinach sandwich.

  1. Control your stress level

Women tend to stress more. It not only leads to obesity but other problems too, like issues with pregnancy or bowel problems. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that women control their stress levels. It also affects your eating habits making you binge eat or overeat.

Yoga, meditation, journaling, walking, and talking to loved ones can help you lower your stress levels.

  1. Start at your own pace

Just because a peer lost 15 pounds in two months, doesn’t mean you also have to. Everyone is different and you need to begin your weight-loss journey at your pace. Start by making small changes, like going for a walk everyday in the morning or cutting back on sugar.

  1. Fit workout in your schedule

Minding your stress or calories will help lose weight, but you also need to increase your physical activity. Try to include workouts in your schedule by joining a gym or yoga studio. If that is not possible, go swimming or exercise at home. Also, switch up your cardio and strength training for HIIT a few days to amp up the weight loss. Do not skip strength training as it builds resistance and muscles, which ensure you lose calories even while sleeping.

  1. Eat a high fiber diet

Ensure that your diet includes fiber too. The daily requirement for it is 25-30 grams. If your diet lacks fiber, it will affect your gut, leading to stomach-related problems. Try to include oatmeal, spinach, broccoli, and fruits in your diet for natural fiber intake.

To conclude, weight loss is not limited to exercise and diet. Factors like sleep and stress also weigh-in. Start by making simple lifestyle changes and go from there to be healthy and fit.