Summer Garage Maintenance

When the summer rolls around, after tough winter months and even tougher weather conditions, your garage is often in need of some much needed TLC. With the warmer weather, it can seem like the perfect time of year to start working on your garage, yet knowing what exactly to do, and what is needed, can be another challenge.

We have put together our very own comprehensive guide to summer garage maintenance, with the help of Chase Garage Doors, the leading stockist of Garage Doors in Walsall.

Get Rid of Clutter

We are all guilty of it. Over the winter, the garage becomes a bit of a dumping ground. Whether that’s the kid’s bikes that they’ve outgrown or empty paint cans, there is always something a bit random in our garage that we don’t really need anymore.

The summer months can be the perfect time to de-clutter your garage space and give yourself some more storage. You’ll be amazed how much of your old junk could be exactly what someone else needs, so don’t resign it to the tip straight away. Make sure to list everything you don’t need anymore on places such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

Once everything you don’t need anymore is recycled or disposed of, you’ll likely find yourself with way more space than you originally thought!

Give it a Good Clean

Over the winter months, bad weather can cause any garage to get dirty both inside and outside. 

Take some time to brush up the floor, clean the windows, and give the space a good clean around.

All it will take is a bucket of warm water and soap to get rid of dirt and grime and before you know it, you’ll have a space that looks brilliant, and you’ll also keep your garage door in great condition.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

Whilst your garage is empty, why not take the chance to give it a paint! This includes the walls, whereby painting them with a light colour you could create the illusion of a much bigger space and make it much more pleasant to be in.

You could also paint the outside to give the building a totally new look and enhance its overall appearance.

Replace Weatherstripping

All garage doors will have some form of rubber or vinyl weatherstripping along the sides, top and bottom that act as a barrier against rain and wind, to protect your garage and everything inside.

Take the time to check the condition of the weather stripping on your garage door, and make sure that it is replaced, should it appear damaged or is not visibly sealing.


Before you put everything back into your garage, make sure to take some time to organise your space. Taking the time now will be worth it in the long run, and will make sure that you can access everything quickly and easily.

For example, try putting your summer stuff and the front of the garage and your winter stuff in the back, therefore, you will no longer have to spend hours on end sifting through your stuff, wasting those precious summer days!

Keep it Secure with the Right Garage Door

Keeping your garage and therefore, the garage door, maintained is a great way to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Thinly lubricate the moving mechanisms, including the springs, hinges, rollers and trackers, and you’ll keep your door opening and closing smoothly all the way through to next summer.

Take some time to also look for any holes or damage to the door, that could damage the reinforcement of the garage door, and furthermore put your home at risk.

Taking a few moments out of your summer fun to give your garage and garage door some TLC will be worth it in the long run. When, unfortunately, the harsh winter rolls around once more, you’ll be glad you got it all done and made the effort!