Social Media Copywriting Tips


    Did you know that 54% of people use social media to search for products? More than three billion people are on social media, and it’s a gold mine for potential consumers.

    Social media marketing is a must for businesses today. However, many business owners don’t think copywriting is necessary for social media advertising. And once they learn they are wrong, they don’t know where to begin.

    Social media copywriting is vital for many reasons, and if done right, it can bring significant revenue to your business. Read on to learn some tips for effective social media ad copywriting.

    Be Quick, Clear, and Concise

    Millennials and GenZ make up a considerable bulk of current and future shoppers. Their attention spans won’t allow for long social media marketing ads. Millennials span about 12 seconds while GenZ makes it to about eight.

    Don’t beat around the bush, and don’t waste their time with fluff. Keep your writing clear and to the point.

    Be Conversational

    Buyers are quickly turned off when social media ads come off as a sales pitch. While your goal is to make a sale, customers want to know that you care about them and have a good or service they can benefit from.

    Know your target consumer and determine the problem they will face. Gain their attention by addressing that problem, and do so in a way that keeps them interested. The more you sincerely address their problem, the more they will desire to hear about the solution you can offer.

    Include a Call To Action

    Once you’ve gotten your audience’s attention and kindled their desire for a solution to their problems, you need to include a strong call to action. Examples may include:

    • “Click here to learn more”
    • “Contact us and make an appointment today”
    • “Place an order by clicking here”

    Many other examples can be given. The point is that once you’ve gotten their attention and piqued their interest, you need a call to action to close the deal.

    Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

    All of these tips are copywriting basics. However, copywriting can be challenging, and sometimes your best bet is to hire professionals to do the job for you.

    Perhaps you’re not the best salesman or storyteller. Or even if you are, you may not know about the obstacles you’ll face, like the updates in Facebook IOS14, which makes getting user information more difficult.

    Most social media marketers are forced to stay on top of this information regularly and have been trained for effective copywriting. Let the pros step in and take over if you need help writing social media ads.

    Social Media Copywriting 101

    These tips for social media copywriting should prove helpful in helping you create ads that get users’ attention. Follow these tips, and watch your customer base grow significantly.

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