Social proof of social media -Why it’s important to your business online and offline-


Let’s say you’re eating out for dinner. There are several restaurants serving very similar dishes from the street to the street. At first glance, nothing seems to take you to one restaurant more than another.

Social proof of social media -Why it's important to your business online and offline-

Then you will see that one of the restaurants is much more crowded than the other. You don’t have to think the rocket scientist will drag you into a bigger restaurant. The psychological phenomenon that affects people in this way is called social evidence and affects all aspects of human behavior.

Why is social proof important?

People have been studying the impact of social proof for years. All research, experiments and tests confirm that social proofs actually shape our opinions. Here’s a little experiment. Solomon Ash takes us back to the 50s and shows just how great social proof is, and how much of an impact it has on our daily lives.

Social proof in social media

Social proof is important on social media. Although the concept of social media existed long before social media emerged, it has become an important component that can hinder or destroy the growth of social media. Every social network has its own metric that measures social attestation.

  • Tiktok Followers, Tiktok Likes. Tiktok views
  • Twitter has followers, retweets, likes and favorites.
  • YouTube has views, subscribers and likes.
  • Instagram has followers, likes and story impressions.

These metrics are closely related to social attestation, as the number of these metrics forms the social attestation a user has. A Tiktok profile with thousands of followers, likes and Views has positive social proof. On the other hand, Tiktok profiles with fewer followers and poor user engagement have negative social evidence.

How to build social proof on social media

Aside from that, general creators of big brands on social media struggle to build social proof for their social profiles. One thing to always remember is that social proof is closely related to quality. In other words, you cannot build social proof on social media without generating quality content. This is the main concern. Let’s take a look at how you can build social proof on social media.

  • Generating Quality Content: It is not surprising that social proof is associated with quality content. For people to trust your content, they must first like it. Always looking for new ways to improve your content and keep your followers engaged.
  • Focus on Follower Growth: You can create the best content in your niche or industry, but don’t give your content a priority without decent people. Buying followers from reputable providers is one of the best ways for you to grow your Social media profiles.
  • Aiming at viral propensity: Viral tweets have been proven to generate instant social proof for Twitter users. If you do a virus on social media will detect rapid growth of your entire account, generating positive social proof.
  • Working with Influential Creators: You can get social proof by working with a lot of people already. Working with influential producers in your field can give you social proof and impress your audience.
  • Improving User Engagement: User engagement metrics such as likes, retweets and favorites also play an important role in generating social attestation for your account. If you get tweets with a lot of tweets like it, people are more interested in following you.

Social proof has to do with your relationship with your audience. However, when you try to engage with your followers, they don’t respond unless you’re already receiving a lot of positive engagement.