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While the job market shows a decline in joblessness, it is still at a record high of 5.8%. As a small business owner, this may seem like great news. However, it can also make finding and hiring the right candidate more challenging.

With multiple applicants for one position, how do you ensure you are hiring the right one? How do you even find them in the sea of all the potential applicants?

Read on to learn the best small business recruitment strategies for small business owners.

1. Use Group Interviews

Group interviews help create a powerful team from the begining.

With multiple applicants, you should spend time honing the recruitment process for your small business. If you are expanding, consider holding group interviews of new candidates.

This practice has two powerful results. First, it empowers your current team by giving them a leadership role/voice in the hiring process. Second, multiple perspectives help to ensure you hire someone that fits with the current team’s dynamics. 

2. Company Branding in Job Descriptions 

When it comes to recruiting employees for small businesses, let your brand voice shine. Just like you use your brand voice to attract the right customers, you can attract the right candidates.

Use the same word choices, phrases, and language that is used in your marketing in your job descriptions to help find that “right” person for the job.

3. Engage Staff

There are many recruiting platforms for small businesses, but the strategies that are underutilized are found in the freelance market. Approximately 1/3 of the current workforce is freelancers, in large part due to Covid-19.

Bring on freelancers to both fill immediate needs and as a trial for a more permanent offer. You get a chance to see their work and decide if they are the right fit, with no strings attached.

If a freelancer or consultant doesn’t work out, then you both walk away, and you can continue your search.

4. Use a Recruiter for C-Suite Executives

Recruitment agencies can help you broaden your applicant pool. This is especially important when you need a key or executive-level candidate. They can also help you with the screening process so you can spend time learning if this individual is right for your culture.  

5. Closing the Deal

What are the perks associated with working for you? You can have the best-recruiting methods for small businesses, but your ideal candidate may have multiple offers.

Be sure to set yourself apart from others.

For small businesses, this may not mean a larger salary but other perks, such as more work-life balance, access to training opportunities, or even the use of company products.

Get creative to land the candidate you desire. 

In the Market for Small Business Recruitment?

Recruiting employees for small businesses can be a lot of work but doesn’t have to be. Make sure you use your team, brand voice, and culture to attract and hire the right people for your team.

Don’t forget to utilize the many ways that small businesses can find the right candidate, for example strategically using recruiters and freelancers.

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