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Did you know that it’s normal to shed 50-100 hair follicles each day? However, you might end up shedding more without proper care. This includes properly drying your hair.

Drying hair seems like a simple task but you can never be too careful. You might end up shedding more hair than usual. If you have no prior experience, you’ll end up having to deal with the consequences, including permanent hair loss.

Fortunately, we’re here with this guide to show you how to dry your hair. That way, you need not worry about your hair’s health after you take a bath. Read on and find out more.

Air Drying Hair Steps

Drying your hair using air is the best way to avoid heat damage caused by using blow dryers. It’s an especially important benefit for women since 40% of all hair loss sufferers come from them. Here are some steps you must do to properly air-dry your hair.

1. Pat Your Hair Dry Using a Towel

When possible, use a microfiber towel. Otherwise, an old, clean t-shirt will do since both options offer a softer and gentler method of drying regardless of your hair type. This means they’re unlikely to rip or tear your hair compared to regular towels.

The best part is that microfiber towels and t-shirts are great for reducing frizzy hair. Check out this rapid hair drying towel if you want a faster way of drying your hair.

2. Detangle Your Hair

Do this when your hair is half-dry and use a wide-tooth to accomplish this task. Start from the ends of your hair and work in small sections. Work your way until you get to the top to reduce hair loss.

Unless your hair is completely free from tangling, never comb straight down from the roots. Otherwise, you’ll end up snapping and breaking your hair. If your hair has lots of tangles, spray some leave-in conditioner before you start combing.

3. Add Your Favorite Hair Product

Do you want to dry your hair like an expert hairstylist?

If so, use some gel to get extra hold. To smooth both frizz and dryness, use some cream. When you must add more volume to your hair, add some lightweight mousse to accomplish that goal.

4. Style Your Hair Before It Dries

To do this, arrange it to your desired style while you’re combing your hair. For example, if you want to make some curls, twist some hair sections as you comb. Otherwise, straighten your hair by combing it more or add volume by fulling out your hair near the roots.

5. Drape a Towel Around Your Shoulders

Developing this practice is a great way of keeping your clothes dry. If you live in areas where winter tends to be colder, draping a towel around your shoulders will keep you warm. Whenever necessary, use a hair tie or hair clip to secure the towel ends.

6. Wait for Your Hair to Dry and Style as Necessary

After completely drying your hair, add some styling cream or gel. Hair oil is also necessary if your hair tends to get frizzy. Put a small amount of these products into your palm and comb it through your hair using your fingers.

If your hair is curly, kinky, or textured, avoid brushing it. You’ll likely disrupt the pattern of the curls, meaning your hair becomes bushy, frizzy, and puffy. Instead, use your fingers to accomplish the task.

Blowdrying Curly Hair

Heat-blasting your hair won’t do your hair any good. That’s why if you’re using a blow dryer, follow these hair drying tips to preserve its health and shine. Here are some steps:

1. Get Supplies

Compared to straight hair, curly hair needs more specialized care. That’s why when you’re learning how to dry hair, you must prepare some materials to ensure you do it without any problems. Here are things you’ll need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Diffuser attachment
  • Gel or styling cream
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Hair serum or oil

Take note, if you have wavy hair, using these supplies will also benefit you.

2. Comb Your Hair to Remove Tangles

When you comb your hair, start from the ends. Work your way up until you reach the roots. Fix small chunks of your wavy or curly hair using a wide-tooth comb.

3. Apply Leave-in Conditioner to Your Hair

The best time to do this is when your hair is still soaking wet. After you finish this step, squeeze the excess water out of your hair gently.

4. Decide Whether It’s Better to Apply Styling Gel

If you decide to do so, use either your fingers or your wide-toothed comb for spreading the gel. Start from the roots of your hair, working your way down toward the ends. After applying the gel, reshape your curls by giving it a slight shake.

Shaking your curls is an optional step. But if you do it, the gel helps give your curls a more defined shape and structure.

5. Attach a Diffuser to Your Hair Dryer Nozzle

This is important because the diffuser distributes the heat. That way, your hair won’t become too frizzy. At the same time, your curls will also retain their shape.

6. Blow Dry Your Hair from the Roots

If your hair dryer allows you to change its speed setting, use the medium one. As for the heat, go for either the low or medium setting. Do your best not to blow dry your hair by the end since it’s the driest part.

7. Apply Either Serum or Oil

Do this step after you finish drying your hair, using a pea-sized amount to start. Comb through your hair with your fingers or the wide-tooth comb to make it straight. To keep it curly, distribute the substance on your fingers and scrunch your hair.

Learn How to Dry Your Hair Today!

These are some tips if you want to learn how to dry your hair. Use them to ensure that you won’t suffer from untoward hair fall.

But you shouldn’t stop here, because there is a lot more to learn when it comes to proper hair care. To discover all the hair care tips and tricks you need, dive into our vast library of guides today.