No More Hang Ups: Cold Call Strategies That Actually Engage Leads


On average, 44% of sales representatives will give up after one failed cold call. That’s not surprising; more often than not, a salesperson will face dozens of brush-offs before they find a single potential lead.

Isn’t it better to focus on the customers that show interest? Not necessarily; with the right effort, salespeople can turn even stern nos into enthusiastic yeses.

Tired of the rejections? Improve your numbers by using cold call strategies that are sure to turn your leads into customers.

Do Your Research

The cold calling strategies that work always begin with research. If you know who you’re calling, you can personalize your technique for every potential client. Show that you are familiar with their pain points, and that you have the solution they need.

Research helps you make a personal connection with your leads, too. It shows that you have invested in them, and prospects will appreciate the effort.

Find the Right Schedule

The best cold calling strategies won’t help much if your lead doesn’t answer your call. Focus your best efforts on the times when people are likely to pick up the phone. This is usually when they’re not engaged in working, like around lunch or at the end of the day.

If you miss the right window for a real-time conversation, make sure your voicemail message is engaging. Keep them short, about thirty seconds, as well as energetic and informative. Don’t do any selling yet—leave that for when you call back.

Think of Yourself as an Actor

If you get too used to reading your script, you may end up sounding like a robot. Sales often hinge on emotion, so put some flair into your voice.

Memorize your opening script so you don’t have to rely on reading off a page. Then, develop a friendly, sincere persona that engages leads.

Adopting a persona is also a cold calling strategy that can help distance you from the feeling of rejection. Constant “no thank yous” take a toll on your emotional state; you don’t want to be so disheartened that you miss out on securing a yes. Your persona will make it easier to recognize that rejections in this field aren’t personal.

Provide Value

Show your customer the value they stand to gain right away. They’ll keep listening if you start by solving problems.

Another way to add value is to include special offers in your cold call strategy. Offer a discount or a special deal, but don’t be spammy about it. People get coupon codes every day; make sure your offer is worth it.

Providing value is what cold calling experts are best at. If you’re looking to hire new, effective telemarketers to make cold calls or follow up on leads, then read more now.

Start Using the Best Cold Call Strategies Now

Cold calling is an effective way to make sales and generate new customers, but it can be an overwhelming task. Use these cold call strategies to turn rejections into sales.

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