The effects of cannabis on men and women


In the passport of any variety of cannabis from the online Canadian dispensary, you can find a fairly clear description of its effect. Relaxation, concentration, euphoria, cheerfulness, or awakening of creative abilities. But it is worth immediately clarifying that marijuana can have completely different effects on different people. Let’s say a company of 5-6 people gets together and tastes the same cone together. As a result, the effect may be different for each of those present. Someone will immediately tune in to a positive mood, someone will plunge into their thoughts, and someone will become emotional and become sentimental. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the human body. The effect is influenced by a huge number of both primary and secondary factors, such as mood, physical and mental state, the presence of various diseases or hormonal failure, allergic reactions, and even the gender of the taster.

What is the difference in the effects of cannabis on men and women

Everyone knows that the differences between men and women are not limited to appearance. In their bodies, biochemical processes proceed differently. The main female hormone is estrogen, and the male hormone is testosterone. They are both found in the bodies of men and women but in different proportions. Both estrogen and testosterone are able to interact with the THC of marijuana, which leads to differences in the effect.

Cannabis use by women

Scientific studies have also shown that the interaction of THC with estrogen leads to a significant increase in the pain-relieving qualities of marijuana. This means that buying buy shatter online Canada for analgesic purposes in women will give 30% more effect than the same product used by a man.

It also became known that the susceptibility of women to the effects of cannabis decreases much faster and stronger than that of the stronger sex. Consequently, women quickly develop tolerance, and in order to obtain an equal effect after a short period of time, they will already need to increase the dose. Another feature of the impact of cannabis on women is memory impairment after marijuana use.

But do not think that all the negative side effects went only to the female sex. Just because of the functional characteristics of the male body, they also have their differences. For example, men are more susceptible to manifestations of brutal appetite. Do not worry, these are not internal demons but just hormonal features of the body. Statistics show that among men, many marijuana users tend to mix it with alcohol and drugs, while women are more likely to use it along with prescription drugs.

Also, men are more likely to show increased anxiety as a result of cannabis use. This is due to the fact that the active substances in cannabis are able to bind to brain receptors responsible for feelings of panic and anxiety. There are people with a more pronounced function of this segment of the brain, while for someone, its activity is reduced. As a result of research, it turned out that it is men who are more prone to such unpleasant sensations.