The year 2020 has been full of surprises and certainly much unexpected, now that the time is getting back to normal, it’s time we surprise 2020. The holiday season is very close, and it’s time to compensate for all the festive days we have missed in all these months. Social distancing has taken a toll on the long-distance relationships and all the lovey-dovey couples out there, now that everything is normal it’s time to rejuvenate your relationship and get the spark going again. With minimal options in lockdown, you could not express and chat with your partners for a long time, but it is all about to change.

Planning on meeting on account of this superb and super close festive season then make sure you have a present for your loved ones. While the coming festive season with Diwali is not as much- a couples festival, Christmas and new year are next and call for a celebration. For a fresh year start and a sign of growth and development, this year take resolutions to uplift each other with presents. Greeting each other with no gifts was just fine when it was like every day meet up, but to many, it is going to be the first meet post the pandemic. Wish to make it special? Then here are some surprising ideas for new year gifts for girlfriend.

  • No flowers. No favours

You may not have realised it up until now, but with the changing time and surprising 2020, you have realised the importance of gifting your loved ones on mini occasions to let them know you care for them no matter what. Flowers are the language of love and friendship. And are not that big a deal to make arrangements. They quickly reach your home and create a unique space for themselves. It is how you can fill your life with scent, happiness, and love.

Making of Holiday Card

  • What’s her favourite

You know your girl’s personality. Women being outspoken express their explicit interests and hobbies pretty soon in a relationship. With very little to guess it makes a sure shot hit for your loved one. If she is a fashionista, you know a dress and accessories would do. If she is a sports freak then give her a gear or jersey.

  • A cake perhaps

Since its new years, a cake won’t be a problem. It is much of a recommendation and compulsion, and many people have a routine to cut cakes on new years especially, and this is precisely how it should be. To congratulate and celebrate with each another year you have been together a cake will do the job.

  • Snacks and chocolates

Women may be diet freaks or body-conscious, but they are the weakest when encountered with chocolates and food. Women unapologetically claim their love for food and sweet treats in the new era and are exactly how it should be.

  • Something she takes home

While the rest of the ideas are to take place at the moment, there should be something she takes along home as a token of love and memory of the select past post quarantine.

There’s no doubt this new year is going to be extra special for everybody and why shouldn’t it be. This year was full of hardships and struggles; we have been through it and deserve every bit of joy with our loved ones.

Party Busses for Celebration 

This year has taught us we can’t count on time hence don’t miss any more moments and do every possible thing to make your loved ones feel loved special and blessed.