3 Reasons to Switch to Business Intelligence!

Business Intelligence, or BI, allows companies to have a clear and global view of their data. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to a set of techniques and tools to better understand information and facilitate decision-making. Each employee is now able to use data in real time, which comes from various sources: customers, suppliers, market, business units, etc.

Why then decide to switch to business intelligence in your company?

1- Know who your customers really are

One of the many advantages of a Business Intelligence tool is that it allows your teams to better understand and analyze the habits and uses of your customers and prospects. When you understand how they work, what they buy, where, how often, you are then able to offer them products and services adapted to their uses at a given moment. Thus, a customer who feels listened to and understood will be more inclined to buy your product.

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How it works ?

Data vizualization software such as Google Data Viz, Periscop Data or Holistics make it possible to automatically convert dashboards into reports, to create reports from the data and to create tables, graphs, infographics, maps from any data ( SQL, Hadoop, Excel, etc. ). This allows you to correlate the frequency of your customers’ visits, when they buy your product or how much product they buy in order for you to adapt your sales techniques to their buying behavior.

2- Become more productive

Today, Business Intelligence solutions allow you to process and present your data in an extremely simple and fast way, thanks in particular to data visualization. The information is then understandable and directly actionable.

Your time is thus concentrated on tasks with high added value: setting up new strategies, training your teams, analyzing a media campaign, etc.

How it works ?

Data mining software such as Knime, Orange, Weka or Tanagra is used to create cross tables in order to bring out quantitative data from the company.
Online data mining software takes advantage of the SaaS (Software as a Service ) concept . Being hosted on the third party or partner server, the program is protected against internal hacking or bugs. You just have to connect to a synchronized platform to have access to a private dashboard. Knowing that digital marketing of this magnitude may require the intervention of several decision-making consultants, the tools offer collaborative support facilitating remote cooperation. 

3- This is the future of company management

While some companies limit the use of business intelligence to their accounting management, the web giants, aware of the major interest of the sector and the growing value of information, are already at the next stage. At a time when information is considered the new black gold, its processing represents the major competitive challenge for companies on the web. A BI solution now allows a company to define its sales and marketing strategy, manage its logistics, carry out its accounting management, etc.