Jewel Changi – The Most Unique Airport on Earth

Jewel Changi – The Most Unique Airport on Earth

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of airports? Probably check-in facilities, security clearance gates, or waiting areas. All airports have the same old formal look and there is absolutely nothing interesting about them. Jewel Changi, however, is an airport that is on its own level. Yes, it still has all the above characteristics of an airport but they have been seamlessly integrated with top-notch retail and breathtaking sceneries. Jewel Changi is more than just an airport, it is a must-visit destination.

This airport intertwines nature with art to create a remarkable design. Constructed by the most skilled architects, everything under the dome-shaped complex is well thought of and will evoke interest in anyone who steps into the Jewel.

Jewel Changi – The Most Unique Airport on Earth

What are Some of the Interesting Sites Found in the Jewel Airport?

Also known as the Jewel Changi Airport Canopy Park, this tourist site is home to many interesting and fun sites. It follows a nature-themed design that is linked to the airport terminals. Here is what you can expect to find when you visit the Jewel Changi attraction site.

  1. The Rain Vortex

A couple of years ago, when you told someone about indoor waterfalls, they would laugh at how silly this idea is. However, Jewel Changi has proved the world wrong by creating the tallest indoor waterfall that stands 40m long. The waterfall sources its water from recirculating rainwater that is pumped to the roof.

To get a view of the Rain Vortex, you must climb the canopy bridge which will make you feel like you are walking on air. This bridge has glass floor panels that enable you to see down and get a full view of the Jewel from above. The canopy bridge stretches for 50m which is enough for you to soak in all the Jewel can offer.

  1. Discovery Slides

If you are wondering whether we are still talking about an airport, please refer to our title. The Jewel Changi airport canopy park brings both entertainment and art together. For the lovers of slides, the Discovery slides aren’t just fun to get on but they also provide you with a view of the canopy. Very few slides come close to what you can get from Jewel Changi’s discovery slides.

  1. The Mirror Maze

Most people have only seen mirror mazes in movies. In this airport, you can actually visit one and feel the rush of seeing an illusion of yourself in every corner. We have to applaud the architects of the mirror maze on how creative they were with positioning the mirrors making it hard for you to find a way out. The hanging plant foliage gives this game a realistic touch and makes it harder to get out of the maze.

Jewel Changi – The Most Unique Airport on Earth

  1. Local and International Cuisines

For a place that offers you so much fun, it would be an injustice if they didn’t offer food. You will be pleased to know that Jewel Changi has got tons of restaurants that offer both local and international cuisines. No matter where you are from in the world, you can be assured of enjoying a delicious meal in this airport.

  1. Manulife Sky Nets

Of what benefit would a huge dome have if people couldn’t go as high as they want? Don’t worry, Jewel has got you covered. The sky nets in this must-visit attraction site are 250m long. And they allow you to jump up to the clouds. This is however for the bold-hearted because the sky nets are way up the canopy park.

Are you tired of seeing the same old airport layouts? Do you prefer something more interesting and thrilling? Jewel Changi Airport Canopy park is the ideal destination for you. This nature-themed park has got lots of attractions for you to explore.