Things To Do And See While Visiting Switzerland


    With any place that you can visit in the world, there’s a lot to do and see if you’re up for it. Whether you’re looking to visit the land-based version of the best online casino around or your tastebuds are tingling for some unique delicacies and local foods, traveling will always have loads to offer you, even when running on a budget. 

    Switzerland happens to be a famous tourist destination for many travelers worldwide looking for breathtaking views, ski trips across various mountains, and a deep dive into local culture. But if you’re keen on knowing exactly what to do and see on your next travel trip to Switzerland, we’ve put together the perfect guide on this. 

    Be Part Of The Fasnacht Spring Carnival

    This spring carnival takes place in Basel and happens over the course of three days. It’s a party that takes place in the warm weather of the year each year happening only from Monday through to Wednesday. 

    It’s a highly anticipated event that’s enjoyed by locals and tourists, with Fasnächtlers dressing in elaborate costumes so they can parade around town while hiding their identities. While here, you can enjoy the likes of cliques and have some fun at the various bars and restaurants that remain open throughout the festival’s duration. 

    Get To Know Geneva

    Geneva is Switzerland’s third-largest city, and it offers breathtaking views of its city lake, Lake Geneva, and the world’s largest fountain. Tourists have the option to visit the historic city center, pop by one of the main UN headquarters, and even have a go at an amazing selection of international restaurants that are more than enough to satisfy any palate. 

    Take A Hike At Mt. Pilatus

    Mt. Pilatus is located right outside Lucerne, and it’s a beautiful mountain that has some fantastic views of the alps. When you’re in the city, you can take a 30-minute gondola or hike the trails for about two hours to the mountain’s peak so you can have a view over the Swiss Alps. There are easier trails to try as well, and if you happen to be visiting in the summer months, you can explore other attractions like a ropes course. 

    Have A Picnic At The Rhine Falls

    Opt to have a picnic at Europe’s most stunning waterfall. Should you wish to make the experience more exciting, you can take a boat tour that will lead you to the Rhine Falls Basin. 

    Explore St. Gallen

    St. Gallen is the seventh-largest city in Switzerland, boasting of interesting museums, state-of-the-art architecture, and colorful murals. Though it doesn’t receive as much attention as other cities and regions across the country, it’s worth trying for a fun time to be with the locals and learn a thing or two. 

    Get To Know The Rural Side Of Switzerland

    If you happen to have a car in your possession, then you should certainly consider exploring the Graubunden part of Switzerland. Here, you’ll find structures and houses that date as far back as the 13th century, where you can hear the Romansh ancient language and explore the area’s haven for those who have a heart for nature. 

    Get Romantic In Montreux

    Chateau de Chilon is a picturesque castle located right at the edge of a lake that makes a great spot for the perfect romantic getaway. While there, be sure to have a tour of the castle that dates as far back as the 12th century. There’s a lot of history to take from here since it was inspired by the likes of Mary Shelley and Lord Byron. With a little more digging, you’ll also learn about the town having been home to Freddie Mercury, where there’s even a statue of him in honor of his life. 

    Explore Appenzell To Discover Rural Culture

    Appenzell Innerhoden is a small village that’s managed to uphold most of its culture and traditions with very little inclusion of what today’s world looks like. It’s a picturesque small town home to narrow alleyways and frescoed buildings. It’s also right at the foot of the Alpstein mountains, making it a perfect getaway for all sorts of summer and winter activities.