Interactive Landscaping Designs for Commercial Properties

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Savvy business owners understand the game-changing power of efficiency. This concept applies to every area of business, even the upkeep of your commercial property’s exterior.¬†

Since commercial landscape maintenance for aesthetic purposes already has a place in your budget, you might as well incorporate designs that provide some practical benefit to your customers, employees and environment, too. These interactive landscaping ideas will inspire you to imagine the hidden potential of your commercial landscaping.

Healing Garden

Healing Garden

Time spent outside in nature is linked to improved health in many regards. A bit of fresh air and exposure to greenery helps lower blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety, improve mood, and enhance the immune system, to name only a few health benefits. A healing garden is a logical choice for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, psychiatric care facilities, or any other businesses in the health and wellness sector. It offers your clients a peaceful nature-filled respite from the difficult reality of their health issues.

Plus, you can scatter plants with actual healing properties throughout the garden. For instance, echinacea is good for immune support. Rose and sage give off sweet scents that help to ease anxiety and put the mind into a meditative state. Catnip and lavender also create calming effects and aid with sleep quality. Consult your commercial landscaping provider about the best types of plants for your clientele.

Resting Area
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Resting Areas

Businesses in the health industry could also benefit significantly from building resting areas into their property exterior. Like healing gardens, they provide a safe and calm atmosphere where patients can escape and find some privacy if they’re feeling cooped up in the in-patient unit. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should also think about their elderly clients, who may not be physically able to walk far. Resting areas full of shady trees, beautiful shrubbery, accessible walkways, and plenty of seating allow them to get outside for some much-needed vitamin D without requiring much physical strain. In addition, tranquil courtyards with water features or picnic areas with fire pits make a pleasant setting for visits with friends and family.

Interactive Landscaping Designs for Commercial Properties
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A Garden for Critters

Healthcare businesses aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the advantages of interactive landscaping. Plenty of outdoor time in nature and adequate break time are shown to increase focus, productivity, and creativity. After all, break times are just as conducive to business as work time because the creative process requires incubation, or a period in which the mind works on problems in the background during active rest.

While you can design an on-site nature-filled getaway in any way that sounds appealing to you, you may again want to consider your efficiency factor. How many goals can you accomplish at once with this garden? For instance, consider how your landscape design can positively impact the environment, too. Native plantings will tolerate your region’s climate, show stronger resistance to pests and diseases, and attract local pollinators. Incorporate some bird baths and feeders as well, and you’re all set to start seeing some friendly critters around your property. Singing birds, beautiful butterflies, cooky squirrels, and fat bumblebees are sure to put a smile on your employees’ and visitors’ faces.

Interactive Landscaping Designs for Commercial Properties
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Walkways & Biking Trails

Landscaping doesn’t just refer to the greenery outside your front door, but it also includes hardscapes like walkways, stairs, and trails. As you review your commercial property, look out for any deteriorating pathways, as well as any bare areas in the grass where people naturally tend to walk. Damaged hardscapes will need repairs for safety reasons, and any patchy spots in the lawn may be contenders for additional pathway construction. If your campus is quite large, it may be worth installing bike trails to and from each building as well.

Interactive Landscaping Designs for Commercial Properties

In Conclusion: Commercial Landscaping With Purpose

Your landscaping should not just serve the single purpose of looking attractive for your customers. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a considerable degree of efficiency and practicality. Purposeful landscaping design has the power to heal the sick, rejuvenate the elderly, improve focus and creativity in employees, encourage environmentally friendly practices, and much more. The more you involve nature and the outdoors in your everyday business operations, the more benefits your business stands to reap!


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