How Much Should I Spend on Clothes? Where to Splurge and Where to Save


    Did you know fast fashion has become harmful to the environment? When shopping for clothes, look for quality pieces that will last. If you want to learn about the kinds of clothes you should splurge on, we can help.

    In this guide, we’ll go over what clothes you should spend on, and what you could get for cheap. We’ll answer your question, “How much should I spend on clothes?” Use a budget to avoid overspending.

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    Shop for Pants at the Thrift Store

    You can get decent-quality pants and jeans at the thrift store. You don’t always need to spend tons of money on jeans. Instead, consider shopping around for some deals at the local thrift shop.

    Save On Shirts and Tank Tops

    Don’t spend over 40 dollars on a shirt or tank top. You could get a couple of shirts for that price. Also, it’s a waste to get that shirt with a brand name on the front.

    Shirts are simple garments. Unless you want to buy a silk or cashmere top. Save your money and buy an inexpensive shirt.

    If there’s a top that you know you will wear all the time, consider splurging on it. But only spend on pieces you know for sure you’ll wear.

    What About Undergarments?

    Consider spending the money on getting quality undergarments. You want to get quality and safe underwear and bras.

    Pick up some quality bras. Otherwise, you won’t have the proper support, and cheap bras will end up feeling uncomfortable and won’t look good.

    Do You Need Lots of Accessories?

    There are some classic items like pearl necklaces or silver and gold hoops. Yet, don’t try to buy costume jewelry or exotic pieces that will quickly go out of style.

    Invest in some classic jewelry items that you can wear throughout the years.

    Avoid Buying Trendy Pieces

    Try not to spend a fortune on pieces that will quickly go out of fashion. Unless you get some items that are coming back into style, you’ll end up overspending.

    Don’t chase fashion fads. You’ll overspend and end up with an item you won’t wear for a long time.

    Buy a Quality Winter Jacket

    You shouldn’t buy a cheap winter coat. Spend time looking for a quality jacket. A high-quality jacket will keep you warm and safe from frigid temperatures.

    A quality coat will also last for a couple of seasons. This winter, look to get one on sale after the holidays.

    Buy Dress Pants and Skirts

    When you shop for dress clothing, you should spend money on decent pieces.

    If you need business casual items, you should invest in pieces that will last. Don’t compromise. Otherwise, you’ll end up with work clothes that don’t fit or look right.

    Shirts and Blouses

    You might find the cutest top online, but it’s expensive. Don’t overspend on a single blouse or shirt. Otherwise, you will cut into your budget on other more essential items.

    Winter Boots

    Don’t cheap out on winter boots. It will help if you are looking for a quality pair of winter boots to keep you warm and dry this winter.

    Read customer reviews on the different boots you’re considering.

    Find Warm Sweaters

    Depending on the climate, you might need a couple of sweaters. If you’re in a cold environment, look at buying some quality cashmere or wool sweaters that will keep you warm.

    If you buy expensive pieces, make sure you learn how to wash and dry them properly. You don’t want to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a nice sweater for it to shrink in the dryer.

    Don’t Buy Cheap Shoes

    You shouldn’t cheap out on shoes. If you work on your feet, you’ll want to invest in a solid pair of sneakers or shoes. Otherwise, you’ll end up with knee and leg problems. Look at getting an orthopedic slip-in.

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    Visit Thrift Stores

    If you need a few extra tops or pants, you could always go to your local thrift shop. A lot of the time, there are brand names, and the clothing is in good shape.

    Instead of spending a fortune on one pair of pants, you could get some pants and a couple of shirts for around the same price.

    Try to avoid filling your closet with clothing you might wear. You want to consider if you will wear the clothing article. Otherwise, you will end up cluttering your home and spending money on useless items,

    Get Rid of Old Pieces

    You should go through your clothes and remove some of the clothes that you no longer wear. If some pieces need to get fixed, you could bring them to a sewist.

    Consider donating some of the lightly used clothing to a local homeless shelter.

    How Much Should I Spend on Clothes?

    We hope this guide on buying clothes was helpful. Make sure you splurge on valuable items like winter boots, coats, and quality shoes. Now you know the answer to, “How much should I spend on clothes?”

    If you need a couple of extra pairs of pants or tops, look at shopping at your local thrift store. Make sure you go through your wardrobe at least once or twice a year and get rid of items you don’t wear any longer.

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