How to Hire an SEO Company: Everything You Need to Know


Listen up, the world of SEO is seriously fascinating!

Did you know that 68% of every activity online starts on a search engine? And 51% of all website traffic ever comes from organic searches?

Put these numbers together and you can see just why it’s an important decision to hire an SEO company. The right SEO company can help you improve on all areas of your search engine optimization from increasing your website traffic to optimizing your site for mobile.

Keep reading to find out how you hire the right one!

What Is An SEO Company?

Yes, an SEO company is one that performs search engine optimization strategies and tactics for its clients. These are the guys who can answer every question from, “What is SEO?” to “Why does page speed matter?” Why did you need to do excellent research before stating Seo?

What you need to know is that an SEO company does operate in silos. Their offering is one that should include all areas of SEO as well as in-depth knowledge of digital marketing since the two can go so close hand-in-hand.

Step 1: Prepare To Hire An SEO Company

Imagine you were looking to fill an empty position on your team. You’d start drawing up the perfect job description for them, it would include a list of deliverables that need to be achieved and things they would be responsible for.

The same applies to hiring an SEO company.

Draw up a comprehensive list of everything you hope to achieve with your SEO efforts, including things that you lacking currently as well as things that you have not yet started.

This list will be the first step in the process to hire an SEO company so it’s important you have a basic understanding of how SEO works to draw it up.

Step 2: Hire An SEO Company

Once you have a list of possible SEO companies, your next step is to narrow it down. You’re going to set up introductory meetings with each potential SEO partner.

Here’s what your SEO company should be able to answer:

  • Ask if you can see a portfolio of clients they’ve done work for
  • Ask them if they can show you a track record of successful SEO campaigns as well as references and reviews
  • Ask how they would perform in your industry or niche

If they can give you solid answers to these points and they’re not worried about showcasing previous projects and their experience with SEO, you may be able to narrow down your choices.

Hiring SEO Partners Successfully

Now you know how to hire an SEO company.

You’re armed with the tools and information you need in order to start the partnering process. Remember how important it is to go with your instincts as well. It’s vital that your internal team and your chosen SEO company see eye-to-eye and can communicate effectively.

Haven’t got your fill of SEO content yet?

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