How Much Solar Do I Need for My RV?


Did you know people are still willing to pay more for sustainable products? You can conserve energy or choose a sustainable option with most things.

For example, do you travel a lot with your RV? Consider hooking it up to solar power.

You can travel across the States and save costs when you hook up to solar power. If you want to learn about RV solar power, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll get the answer to How much solar do I need for my RV? You will learn how to choose the appropriately sized battery for your RV. Getting a solar system will save on your bills and energy usage.

Check out the tips below.

How Much Energy Do You Consume?

Solar power systems come in different sizes, so you can move up or scale down. It would help to estimate how much power the appliance and devices consume daily.

How long are you using the appliances? Figure out the watt-hours consumed daily.

There’s a label for your appliances and devices that explains the power consumption. The power consumption is usually amps or watts. If the device only lists amps, you can multiply by the voltage and get the watts.

A 120-volt hair dryer might have a label saying it draws 13 amps. The power consumed would be around 1600 watts.

How Long Do You Use Your Devices?

After getting the power consumption of your devices, think about how long you use the device. Once you have a rough idea, you can multiply the time and power draw to get your watt-hours.

If you dry your hair for five minutes daily, you may only use 160 watt-hours daily. You will repeat this process for your other appliances and devices.

Once you get your daily watt-hour consumption for devices, add them together. Use this total to figure out how many solar panels to pick up. 

If you’re in the market for a new RV think about solar panels. Refer to this web page for more information. 

Do You Have Roof Space?

Do you plan to put solar panels on the roof? Solar panels aren’t small, so you must determine if you have enough space. You should take detailed measurements and cross-check these with your panels.

If you and your family are heavier electricity users, you might need more space.

Go on a Trip

Yet, you could pack up the RV and go camping. Completing rough estimations will give you some insight. This will give you an accurate idea of how much power you and your family use.

This will prevent you from overspending on your solar power system.

How Much Solar Do I Need for My RV?

Did we answer your question, How much solar do I need for my RV? draft rough estimates by determining what appliances and devices you use.

Some people go on a camping trip to ensure they aren’t over or underestimating the amount of power they will need.

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