How to Help Care for a Bruised Tailbone

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If you’ve ever experienced a bruise to your tailbone or coccyx area, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Tailbone bruising can affect your work, your mobility, and your comfort while sleeping. You may be unable to sit down for prolonged periods of time, too, which can affect the time you’re able to spend in the office.
Bruising your tailbone can lead to pain and discomfort that can be debilitating when left unaddressed. Luckily, there are many ways you can help care for your bruised tailbone, promote faster recovery time and healing, and keep your tailbone comfortable throughout the day.
This guide takes a closer look at what to do about a bruised tailbone so you can get back to doing what you love. Read on to learn what you need to know!

See a Doctor

Tailbone injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. For instance, if you fall onto your buttocks from a standing position, you may bruise your tailbone or injure it. If you experience an accident, injury, or trauma from sports, you may also have a bruised tailbone.
It’s important to see a doctor if your bruising is severe. They will be able to rule out any injury, fractures, broken bones, or dislocations and prescribe treatment if you need it. For instance, if you need physical therapy or prescription medication, your doctor will be able to give it to you.
Plus, your doctor will be able to let you know if the injury isn’t serious and help you determine how to best care for your bruised tailbone from there. If your tailbone has withstood a bruise, here are a few things you can do to take care of your coccyx and promote faster healing!

Stretch or Do Yoga

Stretching and yoga offer a range of benefits for mental and physical wellness. Yoga helps connect the mind and body, set the tone for the day, promote mental calm, and work muscles in the body. If you have a yoga routine or perform stretching regularly, simply incorporate a few stretches for the tailbone. Below are a few tailbone stretches you can try.

Hamstring Stretch

To perform the hamstring stretch, stand straight up with your feet shoulder-width apart. Extend one leg in front of your body, placing your heel on the ground and your toes facing up. Slowly lean your upper body down to stretch the hamstrings and hold this for a count of ten. Repeat with the other leg.

Buttocks Stretch

The buttocks stretch helps release tension in the tailbone and stretch the glute muscles. Lie down flat on your yoga mat or carpeted surface. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Bring one leg to cross over the other so your ankle rests on the opposite knee. Once you’re in this position, bring your knee up to your chest as far as possible to stretch your buttocks. Switch legs and repeat.

Knee to Chin Stretch

To start the knee to chin stretch, lie flat on your back on a yoga mat or carpeted surface. Lift your knees to your chest and wrap your hands around them. Slowly pull your knees as close to your chest as possible and hold for ten to fifteen seconds. Be sure to focus on your breathing throughout this stretch.
Release and repeat as often as you like. You should feel this stretch in your buttocks, lower back, and hamstrings.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Most people sit down for most of the day. Whether you work from an office, work from home, or work from your kitchen table, it’s important to invest in a comfortable chair if you have a tailbone bruise or injury.
Look for memory foam chairs, ergonomic back support, support for posture and your spine, and cooling technology. Finding a high quality office chair is an excellent way to support your tailbone, promote comfort while you sit, and take care of your coccyx after a bruise.

Use our Office Chair Seat Cushion Instead

It’s no secret that a good office chair can be expensive. If you aren’t able to invest in a brand new chair, don’t worry! Our seat cushion can help prevent tailbone bruising, keep your tailbone comfortable while you sit all day, and promote faster recovery and healing time for your tailbone! With memory foam, cooling gel, and orthopedic design to support your body, this cushion can help keep you care for your tailbone the right way!