How A Spiritual Mentor Can Help With Depression and Anxiety


Let’s face it. Life in modern-day society can be incredibly stressful. We put so much pressure on ourselves to succeed. We’re often stuck between wanting to do extraordinarily well and not wanting to do anything at all.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re struggling with depression and anxiety, or nothing seems to be going your way, you don’t need to go through this alone.

But What Exactly Is a Spiritual Mentor?

Unlike a traditional therapist, a spiritual development coach focuses directly on:

  • Personal development
  • Motivation
  • Goal-setting strategies
  • Improving relationship skills

Spiritual mentors don’t focus on:

  • Clinical treatment
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Prescriptions
  • Other forms of therapy

The difference between spiritual life coaches and therapists can be best expressed when examining what they’re trained to do. Spiritual mentors like J.R. Mahon are trained to provide their clients with life-changing methodologies that will help them achieve their highest potential in life.

However, a therapist is trained to help their clients overcome mental health difficulties, a style of engagement with clients applicable to a different field of study altogether.

What Are the Different Types of Life Coaching Available?

Life coaching comes in all shapes and sizes. With the advent of social media, you can expect to find:

  • Spiritual mentoring companies
  • Individual life coaching personalities
  • Life coaching groups/teams
  • And more

Most life coaching services stick to a particular niche, so it’s best to do your research first to determine what kind of coaching you could benefit from before choosing a service at random.

Professional Coaching

Also known as career coaching, a spiritual mentor with expertise in this niche will motivate and guide you as you climb up the corporate ladder, so to speak. If you’re looking for guidance as to how to succeed in your desired profession, a career life coach will stop at nothing to get you there.

Some subgroups in this profession include:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Executive coaching

Think of a professional mentor as your trusty steed, always there to make sure you’re always moving forward and building confidence while you make your way to the top.

Wellness Coaching

This kind of coaching has its own wealth of subgroups. Some general categories include:

  • Weight-loss coaching
  • Better-habit coaching
  • Healthy-eating coaching
  • Etc…

These coaches focus on helping their clients improve their health. Since every client’s situation is different, wellness coaches are trained to take an especially holistic approach, helping their clients make lifestyle changes that will have a positive ripple effect into the future.

Relationship Coaching

Spiritual mentors in this area of expertise are dedicated to change the course of struggling relationships for the better! Some examples of this include:

  • Couples coaching
  • Family coaching
  • Friend Coaching
  • Etc…

That’s right. Relationships coaching isn’t just restricted to romantic relationships. These spiritual mentors are experts at finding solutions to combating friction in all relationships. They provide useful techniques to propel relationships forward.

Find Your Life Coach Match Today!

Are you ready to make a difference in your life? Are you ready to move forward and never look back? Then don’t do it alone! Find the right spiritual mentor for you and make the changes necessary to make big things happen in your life.

You can do it. And nothing boosts morale like having an expert life coach to guide you along the way!