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You have two minutes left to escape before you’re locked in prison for a crime you didn’t commit. Don’t worry though, it’s only the escape room talking!

Many of us have come to love the fun of escape rooms. These are attractions you can visit with friends where you play a game in order to solve a puzzle, looking for clues, and completing tasks with the aim of unlocking the room you’re locked in, which allows you to win the game.

However, did you know you can also place escape room games online? They work in just the same way as they do in real-life, only players are solving through the escape room from their computer.

They’re incredibly fun ways to spend time, so why not try it out? But before you do, keep reading to find four reasons why a virtual escape room is just as fun as the real thing!

1. Bond With Friends and Family

An escape room is always a team effort—you only have so many minutes to escape before the game ends, so you’re going to need all the help you can get from others! Sure, you can play alone, but it’s going to be far less fun and you’ll probably have a lower chance of winning.

Solving puzzles through the Virtual Escape Room, or other online escape rooms, is one of the best ways to bond with friends and family and enjoy spending time together.

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, many of us are still socially distancing and miss the company of our loved ones. This can be lonely and can take its toll on our mental health, so why not gather the gang and book an escape room online!

You can all log in from home to play, so you don’t all need to be in the same house. Most games allow around 4-8 players per game, so perfect for a family or group of friends.

Or, if your team has been working from home and you’re looking for a socially distanced way to do some team bonding, escape room puzzles online are a fun and exciting way to spend quality time together.

2. Great Alternative to Drinking

On weekends, many of us tend to enjoy a few drinks. In normal times, we love Friday happy hours, or in recent times, many of us have been enjoying Zoom drinks from home with friends.

However, lots of us have noticed that the pandemic has meant we’ve been drinking more than we used to. Or, maybe you’re just tired of going to the bars each weekend and are looking for something else to do.

In that case, online escape rooms are a top choice! They’re an alcohol-free activity that’s tons of fun, so give your liver a break and put your brain to good use by solving puzzles and enjoying the fun of escape rooms.

Online escape rooms are fun for everyone, and there are lots of rooms that are teen and kid-friendly. This makes them a great choice if you’re looking for an alcohol-free social activity that younger people can enjoy, or older adults who prefer not to drink.

3. An Online Escape Room Trains Your Brain

One great reason to enjoy online escape rooms is that they’re a fun way of brain training. Our brain is a muscle, and if we don’t exercise it regularly, we lose some of our cognitive abilities.

Some evidence shows that brain use can help prevent the memory loss associated with aging, so we should all strive to keep our brain healthy with plenty of mental and physical exercise, combined with a healthy diet.

When playing escape rooms, your brain gets a solid workout—you’ll need to make quick decisions, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and identify patterns to unlock doors, all of which are great for your brain.

Even though you’re doing all of these things online, instead of in real-life, it still has the same cognitive benefits. Plus, it’s much better for your brain than another mindless Netflix session!

Looking for other fun ways to boost your brainpower? Try out jigsaw puzzles, read more books, or learn a foreign language—they can all help you stay focused and keep your mind sharp.

4. It’s Plenty of Fun

One of the best reasons to enjoy online escape rooms is that they’re plenty of fun! Unlike watching a movie or browsing social media, they’re an activity you can do online where you’re actually immersed in the adventure, putting yourself into the escape room.

You’ll have fun with your friends, make decisions together, and solve problems, but all in a way that’s exciting, fun, and challenging.

Escape rooms are all themed as well, so there are plenty of different games to try out that will set your imagination into overdrive. With escape rooms, you can do just about anything, such as solving a Dr. Who mystery, breaking out from prison, or finding your way off of a runaway train.

You can find both free and paid escape rooms online too, so they can be a low-cost activity to enjoy.

Try Out Escape Room Games Online Today

Are you ready to enjoy the thrills and excitement of escape room games online? With so many great reasons to try them out, why not plan an afternoon with friends or family when you can all go online at the same time and team up to play in an escape room.

It’s sure to be plenty of fun, but be sure to jump on a video call after you finish so you can chat some more about the fun times you just had!

After that, the only question will be which escape room should you try out next time!

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