Focus on Fiber in your Diet


Fiber is of major importance in our daily diet. Stimulating the body’s digestive functions, they ensure an optimized intestinal transit and are an asset for those who want to keep the figure since they play a major role in the feeling of satiety by taking up space in the stomach. By accompanying them with optimal hydration (2 liters of water per day), the fibers guarantee an ideal functioning of the organism.

Here are 5 foods that have fiber that will make you feel good:

1- Potatoes

Potatoes are all packed with potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. To benefit from its contributions, you must obviously cook them. They can be eaten as porridge, fried, sautéed or mashed.

2- coconut

In terms of its composition, coconut is closer to its cousins ​​the oilseeds than to fresh fruits. In addition to being an interesting source of fiber with its 14.5g, it also provides minerals such as iron, manganese or copper. Its dried version contains more fiber than the fresh version, so do not hesitate to sprinkle your dishes with coconut.

3- Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in fiber, i.e. 12g per 100g of chocolate. Plus, it’s rich in flavonoids, an anti-oxidant that protects your heart and arteries. However, chocolate (even dark) remains a food rich enough in sugar and it should not be abused.

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4- Wholemeal bread 

If you are used to eating bread during your meals, consider choosing wholemeal bread! In addition to being naturally rich in fiber, it has a much lower glycemic index than white bread and will allow you better blood sugar control.

5- Curry powder 

To spice up a flavorless sauce without overdoing the salt, which tends to amplify water retention, curry should have its place on your spice racks. Besides its high fiber content, it allows you to fill up with vitamins E and B6 as well as iron and manganese.