Top 5 In-Flight meals That You Will Think of Even Outside The Cabin


    Top 5 In-Flight meals That You Will Think of Even Outside The Cabin

    When it comes to in-flight meals, there is a perception that it provides a savory dish and a lukewarm meal that is neither sweet nor salty. However, in recent years, long-distance flights have become more and more popular, and as each airline has been struggling to provide a variety of services to reduce flight fatigue and comfort, the in-flight meal has also changed.

    Especially when it comes to meals, the quality is improving every year, whether you are on a short domestic flight or a long-distance overnight trip. For your next long trip, why not choose an airline that offers meals to suit your tastes? Among them, we will introduce airlines that are reputed as in-flight restaurants.

    Austrian Airlines

    Top 5 In-Flight meals That You Will Think of Even Outside The Cabin

    Check out the upgradeable meals before boarding Austrian Airlines . Tasty cakes are served for breakfast if you ride without prior reservation, but that’s not enough. For an extra fee of 15 euros and upgrade, you’ll get a fantastic meal you won’t believe is an in-flight meal. There are 9 options for breakfast, including hot and cold options, from children’s meals to sushi bento set meals.

    The recommended menu is fresh fruit, homemade muesli, scrambled eggs, crunchy bacon, lightly grilled mushrooms, ripened tomatoes, potatoes, croissants, fresh bread from the oven and a fresh orange juice for breakfast. It’s a meal. Phew- I can only imagine my saliva.

    Thai Airways

    Top 5 In-Flight meals That You Will Think of Even Outside The Cabin

    If you like Thai food, take a Thai flag and meet local cuisine. Thai Airways Economy Class’s in-flight meals , with the flavor of Thai food, are award-winning. Fresh seasonal produce is being inspected by the Royal Project Foundation, a non-profit organization in northern Thailand known to have been founded by the king of Thailand. The project continues to provide fresh ingredients and contributes to the livelihood of local Thai farmers. The recommended menu is Thai green curry! Served with fresh salads, fruits or desserts.

    Don’t worry if Thai food doesn’t suit your taste buds. There is a menu where you can enjoy various flavors from all over the world.

    Turkish Airlines

    Top 5 In-Flight meals That You Will Think of Even Outside The Cabin

    The dignity of Turkish Airlines’ in- flight meals can be felt from the moment the chef in charge greets guests with you on board the plane. In addition, before the plane takes off, the in-flight meal menu is distributed. It would be proof that airlines pay special attention to in-flight meals. Appetizers, main dishes, and desserts are served separately with fresh bread. Even on domestic flights, you can enjoy Turkish appetizers as well.

    And don’t forget Turkish Airlines’ welcome drink. There is also a Turkish Delight to accompany wine, beer, spirits, and homemade lemon mint cordials.

    Korean Air

    Korean Air, familiar to us . The biggest advantage is that you can eat Korean food for in-flight meals. Korean food can be eaten at any time, but the Korean food you meet in the air is always more valuable. In the morning, it is filled with porridge, and in the evening, we serve bibimbap and warm seaweed soup.

    And you can’t miss out on a variety of drinks. For our wine selection , you can choose from carefully selected wines from regions such as Chile , Australia and France.

    Cathay Pacific Airways

    Cathay Pacific in-flight meals
    Image © Cathay Pacific

    If you are looking for a luxury trip, please pay attention to Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific recently announced an upgrade to its premium service. The biggest change is the change in the in-flight menu, with up to three appetizers and six main menus to choose from. Meals are served by the flight attendant, not by taking them out of the cart. If you want to go to bed instead of eating, you can change to breakfast service by filling out the form in advance.

    Cathay Pacific’s new in-flight meal service will be implemented sequentially and will be expanded to all long-haul routes by mid-2019.