How to Find a Reliable Supplier in China


If you plan to start a business and source your products from China, you must find the Reliable Supplier in China who could provide you with quality items at an affordable cost. Here are the ways that you can do this:

Utilize Online Marketplace Platforms

These include platforms such as Alibaba and AliExpress. Doing this allows you easily inquire about products, compare prices of different suppliers, and negotiate for the price. You can also easily check their reviews from other customers.

Also, paying is convenient since these platforms utilize security measures to ensure a safe transaction. However, like everything online, it is crucial to be cautious since scams and frauds are widespread.

Find China Sourcing Agents

If it’s your first time importing, hiring a Chinese sourcing agent can be very helpful. They can be freelancers or tied up with a company. Their role is to help foreigners transact their importing business and help find and deal with suppliers.

Here are some of the services sourcing agents can provide:

  • Tap into an existing network of suppliers and do an audit of them
  • Find new suppliers
  • Negotiate for you
  • Draft contracts for you
  • Visit and inspect the supplier’s premises
  • Conduct quality control of the items
  • Take charge of the logistics process

Aside from these, they can also offer customization, labeling, packaging, and repacking services. This is important since NZ has several labeling requirements. Each product category has its own specific labeling requirement. Here are the requirements you need to know about:

  • AS/NZS Labeling Requirement
  • Ingredients labeling (for food and cosmetics)
  • Care labeling (for clothing)
  • Country of origin

Look For Them Yourself

Another option is to visit China yourself to look for suppliers and personally transact with them. This cuts off the expense of commissions or fees from any agents. You can also take this time to attend trade fairs and exhibits such as the Canton Fair and the Yiwu Commodities Fair.

Getting a reputable and trustworthy supplier is very important since they’ll be responsible for producing and delivering your product to the port you’ve chosen.

Below are some tips to check for the supplier’s credibility:

  • Ask for a list of customers from your potential supplier and contact them.
  • Physically meet them to inspect their plant and the quality of their products
  • If visiting is not possible, ask them for samples. Or you can also find a representative, like a Chinese sourcing agent, to do the checking and inspecting for you.

Whether you use the Internet, use the existing network of sourcing agents, or negotiate with them by yourself in trades and exhibits, procuring products that meet your standards and fit the bill is essential for your business’s success.