Just Imagine that you are living in the 1960s. There is no social media, no Facebook, Internet, Instagram, and Twitter. You are busy in your life. Suddenly, Christmas shows around the corner. You are thinking of inviting your whole family for dinner. You have to send a holiday invitation. But, there are other friends as well, which you are not inviting but want to connect with them. Write them a Christmas card, share all the major happenings in your life for the past 12 months, and bam, you post it. 

You just shared important details of your life, your few favorite pictures, which you wanted to show to your family and friends. This is exactly what you are doing now, using the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

So it is a valid argument that social media is just an advanced or quicker form of sharing information, and in the past, Christmas cards used to do the job. Christmas cards were originally Social media. Now the time has changed, the speed of everything is enhanced by multiple times, and you don’t have to wait a whole 12 months to write a message or invite your loved ones over at your home. You can do it anytime because of the Internet and other telecommunication services. 

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Yet, why to throw such a beautiful tradition away, just because of quicker ways. Here in this article, we will bring valid and unique points regarding the importance of sending out Christmas cards:

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A lovely gesture:

Reviving this old yet lovely tradition will bring you closer to your loved ones. They will get to know that you are thinking about them. Unlike in the past, you don’t have to send out the same card from your room to everyone you are aiming to contact. You can choose various holiday invitation templates for different relatives and send them out. It will make their day and bring warmth to your relationship with them. 

It’s Easier nowadays:

All you have to do is to select a holiday card template from online websites and write whatever you want to write on it and send it directly to your friends or family. You won’t have to handle anything personally. 

It is both a great and easier tradition to be followed this year. Bring out your enthusiasm in making this dying tradition alive with the old idea but innovative ways. 

Online Christmas Cards:

Back in the 1960s, it was quite a job to make a list of your family and friends, select an appropriate card for them, usually one for all, select one of your pictures, develop it in hard copy multiple times, write down invitations, wishes, your accomplishments of last year, then go to post office and send them out. 

But now all you have to do is go to any online website, search for the best online Christmas cards, select a holiday invitation template, attach your favorite picture, write the message and send them out. 

Buying online Christmas cards has made the job wonderfully interesting and classic without going through all the hustle. Let’s revive the original social media by making your loved ones feel special.