Choosing a villa in Turkey – a full guide


Villas located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey are in great demand. Why are they so popular? If you want to have a look at some of the property in Oba, Izmir, or Marmaris, then check out the Turk.Estate website for the wide selection of villas. 

Advantages of purchasing a villa in Turkey

  1. Firstly, by investing your money in real estate in Turkey, you can be sure that it will not go to waste. Because real estate there is getting more expensive by leaps and bounds!
  2. Secondly, having a villa in Turkey, you raise your status and make it clear to others that you are a successful person.
  3. And thirdly, having your own home in Turkey is cool!

Types of villas

There are three main types of villas that you may encounter in Turkey:

  1. Twin (Designed for two owners) – This is an ordinary house, which is separated by a common wall, but each person has their own entrance and yard.
  2. Townhouses – These are several houses that are connected by common walls, and there are small plots of land in front of these houses.
  3. Detached houses are the most popular houses in Turkey. These houses have no common walls with other houses and have their own plot around, which makes them a great option for people who love peaceful surroundings.

In Turkey, you can most often meet townhouses and twin villas, which are built in a special way, they have a common pool, a well-groomed plot, a common courtyard. Such houses are under special protection.

People who buy detached villas that have a private plot, pool, have to hire workers who look after the entire territory throughout the year.

If you prefer a seasonal vacation, then detached houses in the complex are best for you. Their main advantages are that they are provided with security, they are constantly monitored and looked after.

Regions to purchase in

  • In Kemer, such houses are snapped up with their hands, and all this is since they have a large territory built up with small buildings, as well as they have a beautiful coniferous landscape.
  • In Belek, mansions with large golf courses, as well as a calm atmosphere and beautiful nature are in great demand.
  • Bodrum also has many excellent villas, the view from them offers an extraordinary panorama of the Aegean Sea.
  • In Alanya, there is wonderful, clean mountain air, from the windows of houses, stunning panoramas of the surroundings, you will like to relax there.

Earning money from the villas

Since villas in Turkey are in high demand, you can earn money from renting them out. If you bought a villa and do not live in it all year round, you can lease it to people who come to rest there for a short time. Many tourists get tired of five-star hotels, and they want to relax in tranquility and privacy, without the noise and shouts of violent tourists. You will have a decent increase in your income since renting prices in Turkey are high.

Real estate in Turkey

Most likely, you may have many questions and doubts about which is the best choice. If you have such doubts, then immediately go over to the Turk. Estate agency website and ask any questions. They are highly qualified specialists and will help you resolve any issue. By purchasing real estate in Turkey, you will be proud of it all your life.