Boost Revenue with these 5 Proven Tips for Mobile Pop-ups

With most people accessing websites and platforms on mobile devices, it has become crucial to develop new strategies to boost revenue. Well, pop-ups are some of the best tools to secure new leads and drive sales. 

However, pop-ups must be designed carefully to avoid losing clients. Poorly developed pop-ups tend to annoy users and drive them away instead of attracting them to your website. So, you need to optimize mobile pop-ups using tried and tested tips and tricks. 

Here are the top five tips to perfect your mobile pop-ups for increased traffic and better leads!

Choose the Right Pop-up

The first step to getting your marketing strategy right is to select the right kind of pop-up. You must choose a pop that best suits your campaign. Two of the most popular pop-ups for mobile platforms are:

  • Traditional lightbox pop-ups
  • Full-screen welcome mat

Traditional lightbox pop-ups have a dark theme for the browser and partially occupy the screen. Full-screen welcome mats, on the other hand, take up the entire screen. 

Pick an Appropriate Template

Choosing a suitable template for mobile pop-ups is yet another crucial factor in deciding your marketing campaign’s success. So, you should opt for a template that suits the screen size of the latest mobile phones.

The ideal templates are the ones that are long and at least 5 inches wide. Plus, the template should have a single-column layout that places images below or above the text.

Curate Crisp Copy

Good content is the key to winning customers’ hearts. However, mobile pop-ups cannot have a lengthy and boring copy. Instead, the copy you curate should be crisp, well-written, free from grammatical errors, and relevant. 

Moreover, mobile templates require a very creative copy to stand out. So, you must aim to write in a manner that grabs attention instantly. 

Let your CTA scream attention!

When users come across your campaign, you need to ensure that they leave you with worthy data. You must ask them to:

  • Enter their name and email address
  • Click the CTA button

Always make sure that you place the CTA button in the right place. Plus, your CTA button must be big enough for the thumb to click and of a color that pops out.

Test your Campaign 

You must test your mobile pop-ups before launching them. Such testing should be done across different devices. This will allow you to maintain high-quality UX on all mobile devices. The best way to conduct analysis is through Google Analytics.

If you’re new to Google Analytics, all you need to know is an easy three-step process. 

  • Go to “Audience” in your Google Analytics account.
  • Then, proceed to “Mobile” and click on “Devices” to check your campaign’s statistics. 

Summing Up

Mobile pop-ups powered by specialized tools make for the ideal marketing campaign. You can even use this website to find emails . These not only help drive traffic but also speed up conversions and attract users instantly. So, use these tips and design the best mobile pop-ups for your platform!