3 Ways To Make Your Food Last Longer In The Fridge

    Food in fridge

    Whether you’re just working with the fridge you have in your kitchen at home or you’re trying to manage a commercial kitchen with an industrial chiller, it’s always good to know how to best use your fridge in order to keep your food from spoiling. So if you feel like that food you store in your fridge doesn’t stay fresh for as long as it should, here are three ways you can make your food last longer in the fridge. 

    Use Tin Foil For Some Vegetables

    There seem to be all kinds of different rules for all kinds of different foods that you can keep in the fridge. But when it comes to certain vegetables, going with the old standby of tin foil seems to be the best option to keep things from going bad.

    Especially for produce like celery and broccoli, if you wrap those items in tin foil before putting them in the fridge, you may find that you’re able to keep these foods fresh for up to a month before they start to go bad. This is because tin foil isn’t quite air tight. The chemicals that cause produce to ripen and then over-ripen have a way to escape through the tin foil, which means your celery and broccoli won’t get too ripe too quickly. 

    Don’t Wash Produce Before Storing It

    While you might find it convenient to wash your produce as soon as you get it home so that you can quickly eat it whenever the mood strikes you, keeping washed produce in your fridge can actually cause it to go bad sooner.

    Washing produce before storing it in your fridge allows more moisture than is ideal to be sitting on your produce. This can cause it to start turning way before it would have naturally. So while it’s a good idea to wash all of your produce before you consume it, make sure you’re only doing this just before eating it and now before sticking it in your fridge. 

    Keep The Most Perishable Items In The Back

    The way you store items in your fridge can also have a big impact on how fresh they’re able to stay.

    Generally, the back of your fridge will stay at a cooler, more consistent temperature. For some foods, this won’t really have much of an effect. But for perishable items like dairy, you should try to keep them in the back so they will last longer and won’t go bad. This means that if you’ve been keeping your milk in your fridge door, you may want to move it to a different spot. 

    If you’re wanting to save money and have a positive impact on the environment by wasting less food, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep your food in the fridge as fresh as possible for as long as possible.