When we talk about a logo, what comes to your mind? It is certainly Apple, Coca Cola or something like Jaguar, isn’t it? Well, the answer will mostly be yes. Now, why is it that even when we didn’t mention any particular field, these logos popped up in your mind? The answer is that they are designed in such a way that they are stuck in our mind.

For a business or a brand, its logo plays an important role as it is what people will mostly remember. It becomes vital that you spend a little time on deciding what people are going to remember you by. Take some time out and choose the best logo for your brand.

Deciding a logo for your brand is not as easy as it looks like and neither is it a very difficult task. If you make the right choices and keep the right things in mind during the process, you will get yourself a perfect logo.

When you are new in a business or have very little knowledge about how a logo should be designed or selected, you may end up making mistakes. This is exactly why many people opt for a logo maker. The fact that you are here reading this article, clearly indicates that you want to prevent any mistake that may occur.

To help you with your brand logo, we are sharing some common mistakes that you can easily avoid:

Failing To Convey Your Message

The purpose of the logo is to convey a message to your audience about what your brand or business stands for. A logo is basically supposed to be a representation of what your company does and what audiences can expect from you.

When you design or select a logo, ensure that you are making your intentions clear about what you want to tell people. Now, conveying a message does not only mean to showcase the purpose of your business but it can also include and promote your vision. Make your logo as simple as possible so that people remember it.

It often happens that you may spend a lot of time on the appearance of the logo but fail to convey a message. When your logo itself is representing your brand effectively, the audience will definitely think of your brand or business when they require something that you offer.

Inappropriate Font & Colors

A good appearance is surely one of the prime factors for a logo. The more attractive your logo, the more it will imprint in people’s minds. When we think about logos like Google, McDonalds, Nike or FedEx, these logos are a treat to our eyes. We evidently like to look at them as they are designed to do so.

If you do not pay attention to the fonts you use and colors you throw in, it will fairly affect the appearance. The font or colors you use should be related to the theme of your brand. You don’t want your logo to look strange or unprofessional.

An inappropriate font can easily affect your logo in a negative manner. Try and spend some time figuring out what font will best suit your logo.

When it comes to colors, they can either enhance your logo to its best or make it really dull and undesirable. So, make sure that you don’t overdo while dealing with colors. Keep it as subtle and sophisticated as possible.

Not Investing Enough

Some people make the mistake of going for cheaper options while it comes to logo designing. It is true that as a startup you won’t look for spending more, you have to remember that spending on essential things is not a waste.

Go for a professional logo designing agency or a website that will render you with the best logo possible. Spend some time researching for the best option to seek help from. Never make the mistake of settling for anything less just for the sake of expenses.


Imitating something is the last thing you should even think of doing. There is no point of imitating any idea or theme for a logo as it won’t have much impact. Always go as unique and natural as possible. Think about how you can stand out from the crowd and go for the best.

Taking ideas is surely fine but do not try to copy something. If your idea is unique and attractive, your logo will surely help your brand gain the desired results that you are looking for.