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Did you know that cannabis plants have at least 85 different ingredients, and cannabidiol is only one of them?

Cannabidiol or CBD is becoming a popular choice for vape users. Vaping CBD has many pros and cons, especially if users don’t know how to handle it well. If users are knowledgeable about CBD, then it can have many positive uses! 

So, here’s our guide with some important factors to consider as beginners.

Types of CBD Suitable for Vaping

Make sure you understand the difference between CBD oil and CBD oil tinctures. CBD oil is suitable for inhalation, while CBD tinctures are not. Learn more to avoid a pretty common and dangerous mistake.

There are also different kinds of CBD oil suitable for vaping, including:

  • CBD vape oil
  • CBD cartridges
  • High CBD strains

CBD vape oil doesn’t actually contain oil. CBD vape juice is a more appropriate name for it.

CBD cartridges are disposable containers filled with CBD e-juice. High CBD strains come from vaporized CBD flowers.

Read the Manual of Your Vape

It’s important to know what type of vape you have to choose the right type of CBD vape oil to go with it. Some vapes have tanks, while others have cartridges. Beginners should also read more on how to vape CBD to know what to avoid.

It’s also very important to study and understand the manual that comes with your device. You must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid accidents like explosions.

Know Your Dosage

There is no such thing as a universal dosage for vaping CBD. Although there hasn’t been a lethal overdose caused by cannabis components, being careful is still important. High dosages can still cause side effects that you might not want to experience when vaping CBD.

The best way to know your dosage is to start low. Start at 1 to 2 mg of CBD, and observe your body for any reactions. Work your way up until you start feeling positive effects and stay on that dosage.

Benefits and Side Effects of Vaping CBD

Cannabis can have many desirable effects like pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the benefits of vaping CBD is that it produces effects almost immediately. It is a quicker option than orally-taken medications for relief from nausea, pain, or anxiety.

There are several minor side effects of vaping CBD oil. One of them is drowsiness observed from the usage of high dosages. Approximately one out of three users experience side effects that range from mild euphoria, dry mouth, hunger, and red eyes.

Is Vaping CBD Legal in Your Country or State?

Vaping CBD oil is legal in the US if it only contains 0.3 % THC. Ensure the legality of the substance in your state. It’s important to follow guidelines and protocols to avoid troubles.

Get to Know More About CBD Vapes First!

Reading and studying labels are very important to avoid switching out CBD products suitable for inhalation with others that are not. This is to ensure that beginners don’t develop health risks because of mistakes.

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