The use of CBD and cannabis for treating your dog’s medical condition has improved over the past few years. The CBD oil has gained massive popularity among dog owners who are seeking help to manage the pain and anxiety disorder in their dogs. CBD oil is often treated by some dog owners as a miracle drug that can cure almost every ailment of their dogs. Besides certain researches also prove the efficiency of this great hemp-based oil. You can look at this now, why researchers support the use of CBD oil.

How CBD works on the body of your dog to moderate pain

The ECS or endocannabinoid system is a chain of receptors present in a dog’s brain, nervous system, organs, and glands. This system is believed to maintain the balance within a dog’s body. Although to date scientists don’t understand the ECS yet.

The ECS system regulates the immune response in all mammals including humans, dogs, cats, etc. the CBD oil acts as a natural neuroprotective agent by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your dog’s body. Thus, providing multiple health benefits to your dog.

The cannabinoid present in the CBD oil opens up the two-way communication between the endocannabinoid receptors. Thus, allowing the body to either increase or decrease the immune response of the body as required. CBD oil gives up the natural way to regulate the inner body system in your dog and thus maintain the perfect balance.

You may have the question how the CBD helps to regulate pain in your dog’s body. The reason behind it is, many dogs’ bodies are deficient in cannabinoids. Hence, by increasing the levels of cannabinoids in the body of the dog through CBD oil, the body of the dog can restore the ECS system balance.

Is it safe to use cannabis to help your dogs with pain?

In 2016, a pharmacokinetic and safety study about CBD on dog’s health was performed by Colorado university. This study shows that the cannabidiol compound is absorbed in the blood of the dog and is also measurable. This study showed that the use of CBD is safe on dogs. Thus, warranting more studies on CBD.

During the study, a total of thirty dogs were given two different dosages of CBD in three different methods. The method includes a capsule, CBD oil, and a cream that is applied to the skin of the dogs. The result acquired from the study shows, the CBD that is given orally to the dogs as a tincture, is best absorbed and bioavailable in the body. Hence it is always advisable to purchase CBD oil instead of other similar substitute forms.

The scientific studies were done on CBD for pain management of dogs

In addition to the safety study that is being mentioned above, more three clinical trials have been recently conducted showing promising results. But before discussing further the studies, we must know that scientists or researchers are in the easy stages of understanding the working of CBD and how it interacts with your body. Hence much more research needs to be done to understand the functioning of CBD in detail.

Cornell University: The osteoarthritis pain reduction in dogs

According to a study published in the year 2018 July, the researchers of Cornell University have found that CBD has shown an increased comfort and activity in dogs suffering from arthritis. The clinical study has suggested that if only 2 mg/kg of CBD is given to your dog twice a day, it might increase the activity of your dog with osteoarthritis, as well as his comfort.

Colorado state university: Seizures reduction in dogs with epilepsy

In this clinical study, the dogs who experienced at least two seizures in a single month were given either a placebo or CBD oil treatment for 24 weeks. The preliminary result that was released in the year 2018 month of July, showed that 89% of dogs included in the research has shown a reduction in regular seizures.

Liberty leaf: The CBD research study on the canine pain management of dogs

In August 2018 the result from a placebo-controlled clinical trial shows that dogs who are diagnosed with osteoarthritis were given a daily dose of 0.3mg of CBD oil in one kg of formulation for 4 weeks. This showed a result of reduced pain and improved functional performance in the dog.

How to choose the best quality CBD oil for your dog

Finding a high-quality CBD product for your dog can be quite confusing as the market is full of endless options. Besides, you should also be extra careful because many brands nowadays don’t even perform a 3d party batch testing on their products that ensures the efficacy and purity of the product.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned points along with some facts and figures might have hopefully helped you to get a clear vision of how CBD and cannabis can help treat your pet’s pain disorder. Certain researches also explain the fact that CBD can help treat your dog in pain. But even though the above information assures you that CBD can help treat your dog’s pain, you should always take the advice of your vet before giving your dog any kind of medicine.