8 Ways to Feel More Comfortable As You Age


Getting older is no walk in the park. Things that never ached before start to ache, and things you were always capable of start to become harder. Perhaps your clothes don’t fit you as comfortably as they used to, and there are more and more worries on your shoulders.

As hard as this all might feel, aging can be a beautiful and peaceful experience. With a few adjustments, you’ll feel more comfortable and be able to lean into the journey of getting older and embrace it instead of resenting it.

Here are a few ways to make your golden years more comfortable and manageable.

Home Modifications

There are a few things you can change right in your home to make yourself safer and more comfortable. Some examples are installing ramps and railings, putting down nonslip mats, installing brighter lights, panic buttons and other useful technology that we’ll discuss later on.

If you have back pain, digestive issues or sleep apnoea, you can look into adjustable beds for seniors which can help alleviate your symptoms, and new, higher chairs might be in the cards for you too.

Change Your Diet

As you get older, you might need to be a little stricter with your diet. You may start to gain weight and even struggle with your digestion, in which case you’ll want to start focusing on more whole foods and reducing processed junk and sugar where possible.

Increasing your protein intake will also be beneficial as it can help you with weight management and retaining the strength in your bones and muscles for years to come.

Alongside these dietary changes, your doctor might recommend some supplements to help you along the way.

Adjust Your Wardrobe

When you’re retired and spending most of your days at home, dressing up can become even more important than ever – for your sense of self-worth, identity and overall mental health. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should be walking around your home in a pencil skirt and kitten heels all day.

Try to adjust your wardrobe to be more comfortable and breathable, without sacrificing your sense of style. Making an effort is important, but make sure that you can relax in your clothes too.

Improve the Lighting

You might notice your vision starting to go downhill as you get older – as annoying as this is, it’s completely natural. You can make this easier on yourself by visiting your optometrist and adjusting your prescription or perhaps getting reading glasses.

But aside from this, improving the lighting in your home and do wonders for helping you to see what you’re doing. Keep the curtains open wide and invest in LED bulbs for the later hours when things start getting dim.

Invest in Smart Home Devices

If you’ve chosen to keep aging in place, there are some smart devices you can invest in to support you and make your life easier and more comfortable.

Think robot vacuums, voice automated lighting and heating, smart home security systems and more. All of these can reduce your effort in basic tasks and simply make things a little more doable for an aging adult.

Upgrade Your Security

For the sake of peace of mind, improving your home security is always a good idea. As we mentioned, a smart security system can be beneficial, alongside surveillance cameras, smart locks, etc.

Your physical safety is your greatest concern, especially if you live on your own, so make sure you have access to emergency assistance.

Hire Extra Help

If you want to stay in your home but need constant care, then opting for live-in care might be a good idea. They’ll be able to help you out with daily tasks, keep your space clean and be there in case of any emergencies.

If you don’t need live-in assistance, hiring on housekeeping help a few times a week will simply take that load off your shoulders. If cooking is something you struggle with in your old age, you might pay someone to cook for you too, or look into ready-meals or delivery services.

See a Doctor

Finally, if you’re feeling any aches and pains, illnesses or other issues, put your pride aside and visit your doctor.

Regular trips to your GP can help you to identify any health problems early on, help you identify and manage pain and generally keep your physical health in check. As you age, try to see your doctor once or twice a year just for a general check.